The Special Preparations We Make for Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather

When special concrete mixtures are created in the batching process and extra precautions are taken at the job site, your winter concrete pour can go smoothly.

pouring concrete in cold weather in ArkansasWinter projects can present certain challenges when it comes time to pour concrete for foundations, slabs, and other surfaces. However, pouring concrete in cold weather is a common practice for a reason. When you have a job to do, you cannot always afford to wait on the weather to cooperate. When we make some adjustments in the mixing process and you take the necessary precautions for the pour, then you should be able to successfully complete your project.

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What Kind of Technology is Used to Make Ready Mixed Concrete in Arkansas?

The equipment and technology used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas makes for a superior product delivered right to your project site.

chemical admixtures used to make ready mix concreteDespite the versatility, reliability and strength of ready mixed concrete, the technology used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas is not overly complicated. While there have been significant improvements in equipment technology and manufacturing processes—all of which Razorback Concrete takes full advantage of—the basics of producing ready mix have remained the same for decades.

The process used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas consists of the following essential steps: procure and measure dry raw materials, combine, load into truck, and add water (the last two steps are sometimes reversed). In order to utilize new technology in the production and delivery of ready mix concrete, there are ways this process has been enhanced and improved over the years.

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Our Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Product for Your Home Project

Do you need concrete for a new home improvement project? You have many options, but the right one will work to enhance the strength and beauty of the final product.

what kind of concrete to use for a home projectIn order to be successful with any home improvement project, you need to have the right tools and most importantly, the right materials. For projects involving concrete, using an inferior or incorrect concrete product will not give you the right results. You need to know what kind of concrete to use for a home project. Ready mix concrete comes in a variety of strengths and compositions that are geared toward different types of uses, both inside and outside your home.

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