A Concrete Supplier – What You’re Really Looking for When You Think You Need Cement

cement supplier in Arkansas

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, concrete and cement are different construction materials with different purposes.

Do you need cement supplier or a concrete supplier for your next project? Understanding the difference will save you, and your supplier, from a costly misunderstanding.

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Best Practices for Using Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

steel fiber reinforced concrete in Arkansas

When you need extra strength and durability for your commercial construction project, steel fiber reinforced concrete is the answer.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete is a type of concrete containing randomly dispersed steel fibers. Un-reinforced concrete has a lower tensile strength and strain capacity than is necessary for projects subject to tremendous wear and strain. Adding steel fiber increases the toughness of your concrete and its energy absorption capacity while reducing cracking potential.

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6 Industry-Leading Types of Concrete Admixtures Used to Enhance Performance

types of concrete admixtures

Whether you are pouring concrete in extreme weather, or you need added strength and longevity, certain types of concrete admixtures can make your job more efficient and cost-effective.

Poured concrete can be affected by many external variables, such as:


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water content
  • The ratio of cement to aggregate in your mix

Accurately predicting how long it will take your concrete to cure is an exacting science you may not have time for when you are working under the tight constraints of a deadline. Certain types of concrete admixtures can help make the outcome of your concrete pour more predictable.

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