Concrete Maintenance Manual: Proper Care and Regular Maintenance of Concrete Surfaces

Following a few basic maintenance tips concerning proper care and maintenance of concrete in the South can extend the life of nearly all of your concrete surfaces.

care and maintenance of concreteTaking good care of concrete surfaces can result in them lasting far longer than normal, especially if you perform regular maintenance duties. Employing proper care and maintenance of concrete in the South is relatively simple and inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of redoing the job just a few years from now. Follow a few of our basic maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your concrete driveway, countertop, or floor.

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From Planning to Placement: Constructing with Reinforced Concrete

With 16 locations and more than 100 mixer trucks serving the region, when you need reinforced concrete from a concrete ready-mix company in Arkansas, make Razorback Concrete your first call.

reinforced concreteConstructing a building with reinforced concrete takes a lot of planning, and also a lot of detailed work to make sure that everything is laid down exactly according to those plans. Unfortunately, one wrong step in either the planning or placement stages can result in cracking, uneven sides, or sealing difficulties.

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Killer Commercial Concrete Flooring Ideas and Inspiration

All flooring is not the same, and many businesses do not realize the benefits of concrete flooring. Ready mix concrete, with its versatility and durability, offers creative and efficient results when used in commercial concrete floors.

commercial concrete flooring ideasIf you want to make your business stand out, don’t let your flooring become an afterthought. When concrete flooring is chosen carefully, poured correctly, and finished well, it has the potential to completely transform your commercial space. Learn the benefits of ready mix concrete used in commercial concrete floors so that you can make an investment in the future of your business.

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