Using Concrete to Better Protect Your Home, Your Family, and Your Life Should An Arkansas Natural Disaster Hit

The resiliency of reinforced concrete, and insulated concrete forms, makes it an ideal product for protecting homes from natural disasters.

protect your home from natural disasters in ArkansasAre you using concrete to protect your home from natural disasters in Arkansas? As a contractor, are you informing your clients about the benefits of using reinforced concrete for their remodels and home improvement projects? While summer is the season for grilling, family reunions and those much deserved vacations – Mother Nature takes it upon herself to brew up tornadoes and harsh summer storms from time to time. Strengthening your home’s foundation and structural integrity with reinforced concrete is one of the best things you can do to protect your home – and your family – when an Arkansas natural disaster strikes.

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Enter to Win Razorback Football Tickets Through Our Tag-A-Truck Photo Contest!

Tag a photo of a Razorback Concrete truck on Twitter or Facebook to enter our Razorback football ticket giveaway.

Razorback football ticket giveawayAre you as ready for Razorback football to return as we are? Well, get excited! This season, we are giving away tickets to one Razorback football game and to win, all you have to do is enter our #Tag-A-Truck photo contest! The season doesn’t start until August, so there’s plenty of time to enter for your chance to win. You could even be one of our weekly winners of a Razorback Concrete Glogo Power Pack. We have ready-mix concrete locations all over Arkansas, so there is plenty of opportunity to spy one of our trucks near you!

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From Pool Decks and Fountains, to Walls and Roads, the Concrete Design Possibilities Are Endless

Whether used alone, or in combination with other materials, concrete is perfect for creating unique designs that stand the test of time.

concrete design possibilitiesConcrete has more uses than just in your town’s walls and roadways or your neighborhood’s driveways and sidewalks. With a variety of textures and application techniques, from the practical to the decorative, the concrete design possibilities for builders and homeowners alike are endless thanks to concrete’s generous flexibility. From fountains and fireplaces to detailed architectural accents, concrete gives you a way to creatively and economically enhance any home with features that outlast most other materials.

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