10 DIY Projects You Can Start With Just One Concrete Delivery

The possibiltiies for concrete DIY projects in your home prove concrete is one of the most versatile materials in the world for crafting unique items.

Start some new concrete DIY projects in your home with a concrete delivery from Razorback Concrete in Arkansas.””If you are looking for creative ways to modernize the decor of your home, concrete is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are wanting to add accents to your garden or living room, one concrete delivery can give you unlimited options. You are only limited by your imagination when you use concrete for home DIY projects.

  1. Unique Flower Vases
  2. Glass vases can be beautiful, but being so fragile makes them unrealistic for some settings, such as an outdoor patio or other high traffic areas of your home. Pour concrete into precast vase shapes to create durable flower vases that will draw attention to the beauty of your plants.

  3. Candle Holders
  4. Votive candle holders pressed from poured concrete will add a touch of elegance to any room in your house. As an added bonus, you can even stamp the concrete with a signature design or stencil after it has been poured.

  5. Garden Accents
  6. It’s amazing what one concrete delivery can do for an unkempt garden. You can use it to create a walkway through the grass and soil so you can reach your plants more easily, or you can pour in a beautiful border or garden edge that will look like it was done by a landscaping expert.

  7. Countertops That Last
  8. If the vanity countertops in your home look like the have been through some tough times, you can make your own concrete vanity with a minimal investment of both time and money. This will bring the look and feel of your home squarely into the 21st century. Plus, concrete countertops can last a lifetime with the right maintenance routine.

  9. Tablet Stand
  10. Tablet stands are great for propping up a video or keeping a recipe easily accessible while you are trying to multitask and cook dinner. Create your own out of concrete and you will never again have to search for a spot to place your tablet, laptop, or recipe book.

  11. Concrete Bowls Make Great Gifts
  12. If you have been looking for that perfect centerpiece for your outdoor dining area, why not turn to concrete and make your own? They are functional and weather-resistant, and you can make them in any size or shape to fit the dining area. Once you make one for your yourself, you will have a creative way to make unique gifts for friends and family.

  13. Modern Lighting Fixtures
  14. It is possible to make your own concrete light fixture with a simple plastic soda bottle. With this handy trick, you can use two plastic bottles to mold the inside and outside of the light fixture. These are perfect for any hanging light fixtures inside your home or on your patio.

  15. Cool Stools
  16. With just three wooden dowels, some concrete, and a bucket to form the base, you will have made an inexpensive concrete stool that will look right at home in any ultra-modern, industrial space.

  17. Sleek Coffee Table
  18. coffee table with a concrete top and wooden base is a perfect statement piece for the decorator on a budget. You can change the look and feel of your living room with a concrete coffee table that is versatile enough to complement any style of home décor. Guests in your home will be asking you where you bought the high-end coffee table.

  19. Plantars
  20. From large trough planters to single succulents that will fit on a desk, the opportunities to craft creative planters out of concrete are almost endless.

If you are interested in getting started on some home DIY concrete projects and need a concrete delivery, contact Razorback Concrete at 870-455-0700 to schedule a consultation appointment or receive a free estimate.

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