3 Commercial Building Concepts You Need to be Discussing with Your Concrete Supplier

Concrete buildings offer design flexibility, endless aesthetic possibilities, environmental sustainability, quicker construction, and long-term economical options for business owners and commercial developers.

commercial concrete company in Arkansas””When it comes to commercial building projects, there are few materials that are more useful and versatile than concrete. There are three essential concepts that every foreman and project manager should discuss with their concrete supplier in order to understand and utilize the full potential of concrete as a building medium.

Project Planning and Bidding

The first phase of any construction project is project planning and bidding. An experienced commercial concrete company will be able to assess your plans and help you decide how much concrete you will need for your commercial building project.

When you are accepting bids on your project, keep in mind that price differs between specially formulated concrete, ready-made mixtures, and reinforced or pervious concrete. You may want to separate the bids on concrete for foundations, concrete for walls, and concrete for your sidewalks or parking lots to get the most accurate estimate.


Concrete can be made on the spot and customized to your project’s needs while remaining environmentally sustainable. Unlike metals and wood, concrete does not require time for the material to grow or regenerate after use, which means that it can be made without worrying about the environment from which it came. Additionally, by using materials like crushed glass, gravel, or sand from demolished building sites, concrete can be qualified as a 100% recycled material.

Using recycled materials is good for the environment and for your bottom line. You can get LEED credits from the U.S. Green Building Council for employing sustainable building practices and materials, which translates to savings and future contracts from environmentally conscious clients. When you hire a commercial concrete company, ask if they offer mixes made from 100% recycled material.

When concrete is used in constructing walls, foundations, floors, framing, footers and more, it can replace less sustainable building materials like wood, metal, and plastic. If you are building a parking lot, road, or sidewalk, pervious concrete is an innovative solution that actually filters water as it rains, reintroducing water to the surrounding ecosystem and preventing run off from accumulating on roads and other high-traffic areas.

Strength and Durability

Concrete is highly durable. On average, concrete is stronger per pound than wood or metal. You can use fiber reinforcements or novamesh reinforced concrete for heavy-duty projects like skyscrapers, highways, and bridges. However, concrete is strong enough on its own that you can complete projects like foundations, fountains, and patios without additional reinforcement.

Compacted concrete is even more durable than traditional concrete—making it perfect for projects that will sustain a high level of wear and tear, like commercial parking lots.

Concrete is also impervious to things like rot and termites, and can withstand winds and weather that would weaken the integrity of other building materials. Concrete is a wise investment because it requires less maintenance and fewer repairs than its more susceptible construction counterparts do.

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