3 Interesting Design Ideas that Incorporate Concrete

Most people think you can only use concrete for constructing slabs and rugged buildings. However, adventurous architects have proved them wrong. With an open mind, there is a world of endless possibilities when it comes to exciting design ideas that incorporate concrete.

Design ideas for your home

Whether you are constructing a new home or want to do some renovations, consider integrating concrete for a personalized feel. Here is how to do it.

1. Concrete countertops

Your kitchen countertop design depends on how much you want your kitchen to stand out or blend with the rest of the house. The porous nature of concrete allows you to design the countertop using any number of colorful designs. You can choose one color, or decide to go crazy on your color choices before applying the final protective sealant.

Additionally, you can add decorative inlays, such as tiles and glass, before using the final sealant to make the countertop even more beautiful. Add decorative edges and fiber optics for a personalized feel. You can also use these decorations in other parts of the house, such as the bathroom for a homey feel. Fiber optics will shine through the glass, and give your home a modern edge. They are also likely to be still fashionable ten years from now, making them an excellent decorative choice.

2. Concrete patio

Concrete is one of the most preferred materials when constructing patios, and there is a good reason for this.

The material is smooth and clean, and given its fluid nature when wet, can be curved into different shapes depending on how you want your patio to look. The appearance can be changed from the traditional dull gray to any color of your choice by using tints. The bottom line, however, is that concrete is highly durable and your patio will last for years before repairs are needed. It also requires low maintenance and can easily survive harsh weather conditions.

Another advantage of using concrete for your patio design is that you can easily do it yourself, especially if you are not looking for complicated designs and ideas. However, you may need a helping hand or a contractor depending on the complexity of your design.

For the ultimate homeowner experience, concrete patios give you the option of extending your indoors to your outdoors. You can color-coordinate the patio to match the home’s interior and exterior. For a pleasant experience, you can even have an outdoor kitchen or living room complete with a seating area.

If you are on a low budget, concrete provides a valid option, since it is less labor-intensive compared to other patio options such as brick and stone. The same goes for space-restricted outdoors, since concrete can take almost any shape.

3. Stamped concrete pool decks

Stamped concrete takes your imagination to another level by using patterns and textures to mimic other materials such as stone, wood, tiles, and bricks. The stamped concrete can then be used for pool decks and other outdoor areas including patios.

When used to make pool decks, stamped concrete gives you various decorative options and designs that may not be possible with other materials. Also, concrete is highly durable and requires low maintenance while still giving you the feel of stone, brick, or tile, depending on your tastes.

Proper sealing ensures that the pool deck can resist harsh chemicals used to clean the pool. It can also withstand the constant presence of water which can tamper with the integrity of other materials or cause fading.

Decorating your yard with concrete

If you are doing some home renovations, concrete allows you to redecorate your yard in an affordable way. If you love spending time outdoors in the evening, you can add to the allure by using concrete fire columns to hold candles. You can also create a walkway using decorative stepping stones made of concrete. This is a simple do-it-yourself project that will probably just cost you in materials and own labor.

Finally, to wrap up your yard decorations, you can create rounded garden globes using old lamps, and of course, concrete. You can then place these unique decorations in strategic places in your yard to make it stand out.

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