3 Pervious Concrete Projects that Will Blow Your Mind!

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Pervious concrete is the most porous type of concrete. The air pockets introduced to the concrete allow water to pass right through it, thus reducing runoff as well as standing water.

Pervious concrete is most often used as pavement in heavily trafficked or moist areas because it allows rainwater to reach the ground and be re-absorbed. Pervious concrete is not a new technology—it has been used in Florida and other southern states since the 1970s. The original uses of pervious concrete included fighting erosion and flooding and controlling water run-off.

Now, the uses of pervious concrete have expanded to restoring groundwater supplies and reducing pollution and even as an art medium! Here are some inspiring ways that pervious concrete has been used in projects around the world.

Manila’s Chinatown Walk


In Manila, Philippines, architects chose pervious concrete to pave Binondo’s main walkway. This walkway is beautifully designed in a gold and red dragon motif, which welcomes visitors to Manila’s Chinatown.

The architects originally planned to use concrete pavers for the walkway, but chose pervious concrete instead. The pervious concrete—along with resin-bonded aggregate—made for a more durable and highly decorative walkway that could handle the heavy rainfalls common in the Philippines.

Binondo is the world’s oldest Chinatown, founded in 1594. The beautiful pervious concrete dragon walkway is part of a revitalization project. Tourists now come to Chinatown just to take pictures of the walkway.

Beijing National Stadium


The Beijing National Stadium is wrapped in miles of concrete, and most of it is pervious concrete. The parking lots, roads, and sidewalks are all made of pervious concrete, which means all of Bejing’s infamous rainwater is absorbed, keeping the millions of pedestrians dry who daily pass the stadium.

Pervious concrete has slowed the signs of degradation from water pooling, making it much cheaper to upkeep than traditional concrete.

Pervious Concrete As Art

pervious concrete as art, landscaping decoration

You probably don’t think of pervious concrete as garden art, but that’s exactly how landscaping designers are using it. Its porousness means that pervious concrete holds color pigment especially well. Unlike conventional concrete which only allows a 1-2% color loading, pervious concrete allows an 8% color loading. This means that the color lasts longer and remains vibrant.

The ability to hold hyper-pigmentation makes pervious concrete perfect for decorative applications. Garden artwork then doubles as a functional watershed system that can be used anywhere that water pools in your backyard.


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