3 Ways Concrete Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Concrete is one of the most versatile and energy efficient building materials for homes. You can use concrete to lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

””Energy efficienct building materials help homeowners cut costs while lessening their impact on the environment. The average U.S. household spends $5,500 a year on energy bills, you can cut that by at least a quarter by installing concrete surfaces in your home.

One of the best ways to reduce extravagant energy costs is by making energy-efficient improvements to your home with concrete—one of the most energy efficient building materials available.

1. Concrete Offers Temperature Control

One of the key energy efficient uses for concrete is temperature control. Concrete’s thermal mass has a high capacity for heat storage, which means that it is easier to maintain the desired temperature inside your home with minimal energy input. As a result, concrete homes have lower and slower temperature swings, fewer hot and cold zones, and less draftiness.

You can seal your walls with concrete, or start from scratch with full concrete walls to help lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

2. Concrete Controls Air Leakage

Concrete also contributes to energy conservation by controlling air leakage from the outside. Outside air carries cold, heat, humidity, and pollutants into your home. Though you want a certain amount of outside air flow to promote a healthy air exchange, it is important to be able to control this air infiltration to limit the outside elements that can impact air quality and temperature. Concrete helps you keep mold, pollution, and other irritants outside of your home while also controlling moisture with it’s density and naturally water-repellant surface.

3. Concrete Helps You Minimize

Concrete allows you to reduce the size and cost of your home’s heating and cooling systems. HVAC systems are sized to handle extreme external conditions. Concrete’s thermal efficiency and air-tightness significantly reduce outside influence, thereby reducing your home’s heating and cooling loads. Concrete walls and floors allow for a more efficient heating and cooling system, which ultimately helps you cut down on your utility costs.

Remodeling with concrete can also dramatically cut down on construction costs. Ordering only one material, instead of several, cuts back on transportation, labor, and installation costs. Additionally, concrete is a 100% recyclable material, being made from rock, sand, water, and cement.

Using energy-efficient building materials like concrete helps you keep your home comfortable throughout the year while also reducing your utility bills. In the end, the money you invest in building a concrete home will be returned through energy savings.

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