The 4 Commercial Benefits of a Foundation Built with Concrete Walls

A poured concrete foundation in commercial buildings is a mark of excellence in construction practices today.

concrete foundation for commercial buildings””Some commercial structures—schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, law enforcement headquarters—require added measures of safety, strength, and reliability. Architects and developers are wise to specify a poured concrete foundation for commercial buildings that demand sound standards. Foundations made of poured concrete walls are a step above other methods in four critical areas most important when considering the future use of the property.

1. Ease of Maintenance

Your building manager will be glad you selected poured concrete for the foundation material, since it is requires virtually no maintenance. Concrete resists fire, insects, rot, mold and mildew. Changes in humidity and temperature affect cured concrete minimally. It can be painted, drilled, and sealed as needed for signage, lighting fixtures, and building systems.

2. Design Flexibility

Your architect will be happy to specify a poured concrete foundation for commercial buildings because of the flexibility it allows for the actual design. Starting as a liquid capable of taking any shape, poured concrete offers architects and contractors the ultimate design flexibility. Gentle or tight radii, ogees, serpentines and other exotic foundation shapes are obtainable with careful form work and attention to detail. These designs are well beyond the ability of concrete block.

The quick construction technique that a poured concrete foundation offers can also allow for rapid, yet concise structural progress. Cost efficiencies begin with design and continue through labor, time and on-site materials handling.

Further cost savings from poured concrete come from the material’s natural energy efficiency, noise suppression, and airtight construction.

3. Damage Resistance

Your commercial building’s underwriters will cheer your choice of poured concrete. Nature’s damage—and insurer’s payouts—come in two particularly devastating forms:

  • Water—a poured concrete foundation presents no joints that could allow seepage. Plus, with concrete walls, the building faces fewer service issues with little chance of mold or mildew gaining a foothold.
  • Fire—the solid wall of a poured concrete foundation offers roughly twice the fire resistance of hollow core concrete block construction. Additionally, concrete has the highest fire rating of all construction materials.

4. Strength

Perhaps most important, the trusting occupants of a commercial building will be grateful you chose poured concrete. Engineers deal in precise numbers and descriptions of materials geared toward safety. Two attributes set a poured concrete foundation for commercial buildings apart from concrete block:

  • Compressive strength—this is the capacity of a material. In this case, concrete poured into forms to withstand loads tending to reduce size, as with the weight of the building being supported by the poured concrete foundation.
  • Flexural strength—the ability of a material to resist deformation under load. With a poured concrete foundation, this is the ability of the building to bulge inward from forces applied to the outer perimeter of the foundation, or forces applied downward.

Poured concrete stands up to nature’s forces, providing a safe and secure foundation for the valuable commercial or municipal property above. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods may assail a poured concrete foundation, but cannot overwhelm it. This cannot be said of other foundation materials, such wood framing.

When you utilize poured concrete in your foundational walls, the commercial building structure will have unmatched integrity and security.

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