5 Benefits of Concrete Floors

When you think of stylish home design, concrete floors are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. They are often assumed to be dreary and unwelcoming surfaces that are just plain unfit for a home. That, however, is simply not true. From eye-catching industrial accents to elegant marble-like sheens, concrete floors can be incredibly tasteful additions to your home. Better yet, they offer plenty of advantages that you just cannot get with other floor options. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect.

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Concrete Floors Are Highly Cost-Effective

””The cost of concrete flooring is very low compared to other floor options like wood or tile. For a plain slab, the average cost per square foot is highly affordable (especially if you are using a pre-existing slab). You also have a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing your concrete floors. You can polish and treat slabs with a variety of effects and colors so they complement your home without blowing your budget. It is a perfect alternative to high-end materials like granite or marble, which have pricey upkeep and installation costs.

The right type of concrete flooring can also lower your energy bills. Installing insulated concrete not only creates a comfortable environment, but it helps lock cold or warm air in your home. That means you will not have to run your air conditioning unit as often, and you will get more mileage out of it when you do. You can also install radiant heating. This gives you highly effective heated floors that are regulated by the temperature of electric wires or hot water tubes placed beneath them. It creates a very comfortable and warm environment on cold days!

Concrete Has Endless Design Options

With our plain industrial concrete floor slabs, Arkansas homeowners can create a tasteful, modern design in any room. Concrete is also a great material for more elaborate designs. For instance, if you want to create an impressive foyer, you can use a high-gloss seal on your concrete flooring to add a limestone-like appearance. It is bound to be a conversation starter when guests come to visit.

You can also experiment with different textures and stains to create just about any design you can think of. From a stone or tile appearance to a plank and grain texture that imitates real wood, there are countless design options at your disposal. Maybe you want to use high-end flooring materials like marble, but do not have the budget for it. There are plenty of marble-like finishes that you can get for a fraction of the cost. This is accomplished with dyes, surface treatments, and stamps to give your floor the right color, effect, and texture. It is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank.

Polished Slabs Are Easy to Maintain

Beyond being cost-effective and stylish, polished concrete floors are extremely easy to clean. For casual cleaning, you can simply breeze over slabs with an inexpensive microfiber pad to pick up dirt particles that cover up the floor’s shine. When the time comes for a more thorough cleaning, you can use a mop and a bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaning agent (such as Castile soap or stone cleansers). You simply spread the solution over the floor, and then rinse it off with a mop dipped in clean water.

Because concrete is not as porous as other flooring options, it does not harbor dirt, dust, or allergens. If you are worried about stains, you can apply a concrete sealant with a paint roller to make the floor more resistant. Concrete also boasts a hard surface, which makes it less prone to cracking, scratching, or denting compared to tile or wood flooring. That means you do not need to worry about replacing them due to accidents, high foot traffic, or everyday use. After all, concrete flooring is used in garages and driveways, so you can rest assured that it is sturdy enough to take whatever you throw at it.

Concrete Floors Can Be Sustainable

Using existing concrete slabs is a great way to style your home without harming the environment. Much like the trending use of repurposed wood creates a rustic tone in a room, reusing concrete can add a touch of personality that makes your space a bit more interesting. Moreover, installing insulated concrete floors can help your household curb unnecessary energy usage, which not only saves you money, but helps the environment.

Concrete is also highly recyclable. Even the most worn down and cracked slabs can be crushed into particles and used to create new concrete. These reprocessed slabs can be used in driveways, sidewalks, patios, firepits, and plenty of other structures that we depend on. This is a great alternative to slabs merely taking up space in a landfill, which is why at Razorback Concrete, we strive to support the green building concrete Arkansas depends on.

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