5 Benefits of Roller Compacted Concrete

roller compacted concrete arkansas””When planning your next concrete project, you should know that there are many types of concrete products available. While working with your Arkansas concrete supplier, you should find out what your options are. Once you know the possibilities, you may be able to take advantage of a top ready-mix concrete product or another innovative material that provides benefits to your project that you might not have thought about. One such concrete product is a called Roller Compacted Concrete.

Razorback Concrete became the first Arkansas ready-mix concrete supplier to offer this fantastic product, which is well suited for many types of projects. There are a lot of benefits to using this zero-slump cement mixture, and we want to make you aware of five of them.

  1. Dump truck ready.
  2. As with regular ready-mix concrete product, being able to have expertly premixed concrete can definitely increase quality and productivity. It can also cut down on required staff at a site. Unlike some products that must be delivered by a mixing truck, roller compacted concrete can be delivered in a dump truck, making your concrete ready for use and more convenient.

  3. Versatile and durable.
  4. We are proud to be a roller compacted concrete supplier because this durable concrete mixture is so versatile. Able to be laid quickly, RCC is waterproof and can be used throughout the entire year, which helps to ensure that your construction project won’t be delayed by temperature or weather conditions. It is also able to withstand damage from freezing and thawing (something many other basic concrete mixtures cannot), and is very strong, able to stand up under heavy or specialized loads.

  5. Similar to working with asphalt.
  6. Roller compacted concrete is quite workable and easy to use. Using RCC is comparable to working with asphalt. The same equipment that would be utilized for asphalt pavement construction can be used for RCC. After being delivered via dump truck, it can be roller compacted just like asphalt, making it an easy, quick process. This helps to make this concrete product good for a sub base for a parking lot or a lower speed street.

  7. In some ways, better than asphalt.
  8. Use of roller compacted concrete is sometimes a better option over asphalt because of its high strength. Problems such as rutting and deformities that many have with asphalt are absent with RCC, as it is strong enough to keep hold up under concentrated, heavy loads. Additionally, it manages to stay hard under high temperatures, and hydraulic fluids or fuels won’t cause roller compacted concrete to deteriorate.

  9. Low cost.
  10. An important factor in many construction and concrete projects, cost is definitely a benefit with roller compacted concrete. A relatively low cost option, it can make projects that might otherwise be put off because of budget restriction, realized without a great strain. This factor alone could make RCC a better choice for some.

An ideal concrete product for all types of projects, roller compacted concrete may be the answer for your residential or commercial concrete construction. Razorback Concrete is proud to be the premiere Arkansas roller compacted concrete provider. Contact us today if you would like more information about roller compacted concrete, including a free quote on your Arkansas concrete project.

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