Five Great Colored Concrete Projects

Arkansas colored ready mix concrete

””While most folks associate concrete with the color gray, this isn’t your only option. Colored concrete may be a much better complement for your home or place of business. The dyed or stained concrete that we offer can look absolutely lovely and quite stunning, especially when we expertly blend the color into readymix concrete.

You can get creative with your colored concrete projects, because concrete is actually a very versatile material. We’ve seen all sorts of interesting and unique uses for concrete, and if you are planning an Arkansas concrete project, you may want to consider one of these.

  1. A Splash of Color
  2. When you work with a professional concrete contractor, they may be well versed in working with color. Folks can do a lot of different designs and effects with colored concrete, but sometimes keeping it simple is all you need. Instead of a plain whitish-gray walk way, you may want to consider a bold brick red, a warm fern green, or a welcoming shade of tan.

  3. Faux Brick, Stone Pavers, or Tile
  4. Brick, stone paver, and tile walkways and patios certainly are attractive, but you can have the same look with colored concrete. As an experienced concrete supplier, we can stain concrete in your color of choice, and you can inlay a brick or tile pattern using special textured plates. This will look like the real thing, and it will be far more durable and long lasting…at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Faux Flagstone
  6. Stone walkways and patios are popular too. Laying down flagstone can look lovely, but it is hard to maintain, as the stones will start to chip away in no time. Thankfully, you can get this same look from a skilled concrete contractor. Even if the cement chips, this won’t be as noticeable, especially if the stained concrete is pre-blended and the color runs through the concrete; it isn’t just a topcoat of stain.

  7. Stone Patio
  8. The look of stone, while a classic look, certainly lends a modern aesthetic to any environment, even your backyard. Colored, stamped concrete is becoming a popular choice for patios and pool decks, and a skilled contractor can provide this look for you with the right tools and maybe some additional dyes.

  9. High Shine Floors
  10. Colored concrete floors, inside and out, can bring a high-class, royal look to your home or place of business. The concrete can be polished to a high shine to provide an attractive, yet durable and low-maintenance surface. These floors can be spruced up with designs and accent colors to make the floor even more suited to your style.

While cement isn’t known for its beauty, it can really be quite stunning in the right hands. With color, new concrete can easily coordinate with your property, landscaping, or other décor. A durable material, it stands up much better than alternative materials like flagstone or tile. With the right application and proper finish, so much is possible. Razorback Concrete is excited by the flexibility that colored concrete offers, and we would love to help you with your Arkansas concrete project. Contact us today for more information about our colored readymix concrete.

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