5 Need-to-Know Characteristics of Insulated Concrete Floors for the Home

Most people do not think of concrete when talking about the welcoming comfort of a home. But your opinion may change after you read about some of the perks of insulated concrete flooring.

insulated concrete floors for the home””Insulated concrete floors are a great addition to a home because of the benefits they provide. In addition to reduced energy and construction costs, insulated concrete floors can add beauty and comfort to your home in ways you may not have considered.

Slabs are insulated in one of two ways: around the perimeter after concrete has been poured or, for new construction homes or add-ons, in the interior of the slab before pouring the concrete. Insulating your concrete floor can save on heating and cooling costs, as well as cut down on how cold the floor gets during the winter months.

1. Economical

When compared to other flooring materials such as tile or hardwood, the cost of insulated concrete floors is relatively low. Other flooring options require the purchase of additional, costly materials as opposed to using an existing concrete slab, or refining the slab that your blueprint plans already intended to include in your home’s construction. Additionally, over time, insulation helps to improve the thermal aspects of flooring, which reduces the amount of warm or cold air that your home may lose. This helps to lower energy bills.

2.Comfort and Functionality

When we think of concrete floors an image of a plain, cold, sterile environment usually comes to mind. However, radiant heating can change that by regulating the temperature of the floor and room in which it is installed. In a radiant setup, hot-water tubes or electric wires are placed under the floor or in the slab. As the thermal radiation rises from below, the floor is warmed and captures the heat. Properly insulated concrete will reduce the transfer of heat and cold and will retard the transfer of moisture increasing the overall efficiency of a radiant floor system.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Insulated concrete floors require far less maintenance than other flooring options. Rather than replacing carpet or cracked tiles or refinishing hardwood, an occasional mopping is all that is required for the care of concrete. The days of pet hair, pollen, dust, and other allergens that get trapped in carpeting are also gone, and allergy sufferers can breathe a little easier knowing that their beautiful floors will last a lifetime with little effort.

4. The Floor is Your Canvas

Just as there are many different colors and styles of tile, carpet, and wood floors, so too are the ways in which you can improve on the look of your concrete floor. The simplest is to use a decorative concrete stain color, technique, or pattern. Polishing, scoring, and stamping are all up to you, and the number of ways in which you can customize the look and feel of your space is limited only by your imagination.

5. Energy Efficient

Oftentimes, when talking about energy losses, a home’s windows, attic, and walls are thought of first, but you may not know that 60% of heat loss from the foundation occurs around an un-insulated slab edge. Proper insulation results in a tremendous amount of energy savings. In fact, a properly insulated concrete slab is estimated to save at least $200 a year in energy costs alone.

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