5 Residential Concrete Projects Worth Considering

Expand your concrete horizons inside and outside your home with concrete projects that are easy from start to finish with a ready to use concrete provider.

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””There are many reasons to use concrete for your next home project. Given its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, concrete can be an affordable way to give your home a lasting impression. Best of all, with a ready to use concrete provider for residential projects, your next home addition could be just a few days away. If you’ve been thinking about investing in your home, then consider the possibilities of ready mix concrete.

Benefits of a Ready to Use Concrete Provider for Residential Projects 

Using a ready-mix concrete product from a professional concrete provider offers efficiency and consistency over doing it yourself, which requires measuring and mixing the ingredients involved. Using ready-mix concrete also reduces allergens caused by concrete dust and can eases stress on your time constraints because the product is delivered directly to your home, ready to be poured.

The ways concrete can be used around your home are not limited to patios and driveways, either. If you have been searching for ways to get the most out of your home while increasing its value, then consider these five concrete project ideas:

Install a Trash Pad

Garbage cans and recycling bins can easily become heavy, messy, and invade your home’s storage space. By laying a concrete trash pad next to your driveway, your garbage bins will have a more convenient spot to await trash pick-up day, which frees you more garage space.

Add a Sports or Recreation Court

If you have the space and want to spend more time outside, a recreation court could be a great addition to your home. Not only will it provide a safe place for your family and friends to play, skate, or exercise, but ready mix concrete can increase the value of your home with the unique advantage of having a private, multi-use space on your property.

Update Indoor and Outdoor Countertops

When it comes to choosing to install new countertops, few materials are as versatile as concrete. Once finished, concrete is durable against nicks and stains and can withstand higher temperatures than the laminate, bamboo, and wood often used in outdoor countertops.

Concrete is also very pliable before it sets, allowing for a variety of decorative detail work and edging techniques. Couple this with a wide variety of stains and additives to create breathtaking concrete countertops anywhere inside or outside your home.

Build a Fire Pit with Custom Seating

Building a custom concrete fire pit in your back yard can give your family an outdoor space to relax and unwind, away from the distraction of televisions and cell phones. Complete the set-up by adding custom seating and wood storage for convenience and comfort any night of the week.

Expand Your Driveway with a Concrete Apron

A concrete apron is a sloped plane extension of your driveway that leads water away from your garage or yard and into the street. By adding this concrete transition onto your property, you can protect your home and yard from the excessive storm water that Arkansas homes are prone to experience.

Thanks to its durability, versatility and malleable beauty, concrete is an excellent material choice for your next home improvement project. If you would like to learn more about ready to use concrete for residential projects, contact Razorback Concrete. We have been serving Arkansas customers for almost 50 years with the highest standards of concrete quality assurance.

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