Are Concrete Countertops Nice?


The right countertop material can make or break a new kitchen or bathroom. Not only are countertop aesthetics a major factor in decorating any room, they also have to be functional and be able to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use. As a result, many homeowners find themselves languishing over what countertop material to choose. There are many different types of countertop materials out there, but concrete is the right choice for every occasion. 


Countertops can get expensive quickly. This is particularly true of materials like marble and granite. Depending on the size of the counter space that is needed it’s not unreasonable to expect a bill in the thousands. Conversely, concrete is a very affordable choice. Since it starts as a mixture, it’s not expensive to ship either. 

Even better, a talented concrete contractor can make concrete countertops look identical to more expensive materials like marble and granite. That means homeowners can get the aesthetics of a premium material, at the cost of a basic one. 


Kitchen countertops need to be very durable to withstand the damage of everyday use. Some materials conduct heat, which means hot pots and pans cannot be put directly on the surface. Concrete is able to withstand extreme heat which means hot pans can be placed directly on the countertops. 

Some materials, like marble and granite, require a special process to clean them. Concrete countertops can be wiped clean with basic soap and water. This makes it easy to maintain concrete countertops to ensure they last for years to come. 


As we mentioned under the cost section, a skilled concrete contractor can make concrete countertops resemble nearly any aesthetic. Through stamping, staining and painting concrete countertops can be made to look virtually indistinguishable to other more expensive materials, like marble, or even materials that would normally not be suitable for a countertop, like wood. 

Good countertops can elevate a kitchen or bathroom. Any homeowner who is considering new counters should give a serious look at concrete countertops. Their cost, ease of maintenance and versatility make them the perfect choice for any counter. To learn more visit


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