Are Concrete Floors Better Than Carpeting?

Most people have walked on concrete floors at some point in their life. That experience is often somewhere outdoors like a garage or driveway. However, concrete floors are actually a phenomenal choice for indoor flooring as well. In fact, there are some rather convincing arguments for choosing concrete floors over carpeting for your home. Are concrete floors better than carpeting? Let’s take a closer look. 



When most people think of concrete floors they think of a hard, grey, drab surface. The truth is concrete floors can look like whatever you would like them to. The colour and texture combinations are borderline infinite, especially if you’re working with a professional contractor. Through paint, stains and stamping techniques concrete floors can be made to look identical to anything from marble to wood. 



Carpet is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to maintenance. Carpets can stain easily, and have a habit of soaking up all the dust and debris that floats around your house. As a result, it’s really easy for carpet to become moldy if it’s neglected. 


Conversely, concrete floors really shine when it comes to maintenance. Concrete is almost impossible to stain and is resistant to dust and debris, so a quick mop will take care of any gross bacteria sticking around. Over time small cracks or chips can form, but if those are quickly dealt with concrete flooring can easily last for decades. If a concrete floor is properly sealed, it can easily last for decades with basic maintenance. 



Of course, any blog post talking about concrete floors has to mention the cost. Concrete is one of the most affordable building blocks out there. A proper concrete floor can be made to resemble more expensive building blocks like stone or brick for a fraction of the cost. 


Concrete floors can easily be installed by a savvy DIYer, however if you are hoping for a more complicated aesthetic such as stamped concrete it’s advisable that you consult with a professional concrete contractor. To learn more visit



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