Are Concrete Floors Good?

One of the most common refrains we hear from new homeowners is how surprised they were at the cost of flooring. Whether you want laminate floors, wood floors, marble, slate, tile it seems like there are no affordable options. That’s why so many new homeowners are turning to an unexpected building block for inspiration: concrete. That’s right, not only are concrete floors good, but they offer a host of advantages of more expensive flooring options. Here are three reasons every homeowner should seriously consider installing concrete flooring in their house. 



Let’s start off with the bottom line. Concrete floors are one of the most affordable types of flooring material out there. Concrete costs drastically less than something like tile or wood, doesn’t have to be imported from another country and is not experiencing any kind of shortage. Which means for those of people building a new home, that concrete floors are not likely to delay your project in any way. 



Another reason to consider concrete floors is how easy they are to keep clean. Materials like wood, marble or stone require much more comprehensive maintenance routines, not to mention more expensive ones. While a concrete floor just needs to be swept clear of debris and washed with soap and water 



Concrete is naturally resistant to most dust and pollen, which means it’s the perfect material for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies. Concrete’s easy maintenance makes it simple to key it free of allergens. 


Concrete flooring is affordable, beautiful and easy to maintain. While concrete may not be the first flooring material that comes to mind, it deserves some serious consideration from any homeowner. Of course, the next best step is always to consult with a professional to talk through your individual needs and flooring goals. Visit to learn more. 



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