Are There Different Types Of Concrete Curbs?

Odds are good that you haven’t spent much time thinking about curbs, but if you’re a home or business owner you should! What you may not know is that there are different types of curbs for situations. Today, we’re going to take you through the three basic types of concrete curbs and outline what each of them are designed to do. 



A decorative concrete curb is designed with aesthetics in mind. As a result, they tend to be more expensive because they require an artisanal touch to install correctly. Decorative barriers are the colorful curbs you see denoting different parking zones, warning pedestrians not to step on the grass or marking parking spaces. There are all types of colors and decorative options available, so take the time to think about what you want before reaching out to a professional. 



Barrier curbs are designed to guide the flow of traffic and are sturdy enough to stop a vehicle if necessary. These are the types of curbs that you’ll often find in parking lots and along roadways. These types of curbs are usually a bit higher than others to stop cars from rolling over them. In short, if you aren’t looking to affect the path of a vehicle, a barrier curb is not what you are looking for. 



A mountable curb is designed to allow vehicles to drive over them. This type of curb is often referred to as a “speed bump”. It is designed to allow a vehicle to easily drive over it at low speeds, but can damage the vehicle if it’s moving too quickly. As a result, mountable curbs are used in areas where the intention is to slow traffic down, like along residential streets or in large parking lots. 


Curbs may not be the most exciting feature in the world, but they are incredibly important. If you’re in need of a concrete curb we encourage you to do your research and reach out to a professional concrete contractor. Visit to learn more. 





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