Be Courageous with Concrete Using These Commercial Applications

As an incredibly strong and versatile substance, concrete is the building material of choice for commercial construction projects worldwide. Gain inspiration for your next project with these unique commercial concrete construction ideas.

Commercial concrete construction applications.””The durable structure and timeless aesthetic of concrete makes it an excellent choice for nearly any commercial build imaginable. Since its modern development in the early 1800s, concrete has long enjoyed the designation as the material of choice for commercial applications. After taking the form of the mold or frame it is poured into and hardening, concrete retains that structure well into the future. Furthermore, concrete structures resist weathering, even in regions with volatile weather conditions or heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The amazing number of commercial concrete structures made through the years alone can act as a source of inspiration for your next commercial concrete construction.

Creative Ground Designs

Concrete professionals worldwide are often tasked with restoring well-loved, but outdated properties and commercial structures. Builders can utilize nearby natural structures for inspiration when creating the design scheme for parking lots, walkways, and entryways. To achieve a styled look, concrete experts may utilize stamped concrete techniques to create beautiful colors and patterns. Your commercial concrete supplier can use a mixture of hardeners and release agents in the mix to achieve a dynamic finish that will last for years to come.

Historic Stairway Restorations

Stairways and outdoor steps have a unique appeal that lends to the overall character of any building. When historic stairways made from concrete start to deteriorate after hundreds of years, property owners must decide whether to restore or replace the structure. Commercial concrete professionals can expertly mix new concrete to match the old and return the structure to its original picture-perfect appearance. The restoration process is usually completed one step at a time to avoid costly mistakes that could destroy the stairway’s historical value.

Purposeful Landscape Designs

Commercial hardscape designs take landscaping efforts to the next level. Concrete is often utilized to create these hardscape features, including garden beds and retaining walls. Unique concrete finishing techniques, such as stamps and stencils, bring an air of sophistication to the deck and pathway surfaces integrated into hardscape design. Concrete walkway elements may also reflect the purpose of that particular space. Museums and parks, for example, often have educational elements integrated into their concrete hardscape designs.

Inspired Flood Control Structures

When Lincoln, Nebraska, had to rebuild its flood control systems using concrete materials, the builders pointed out that utilitarian builds could also have aesthetic appeal. The builders elected to reconstruct the appearance of natural creek beds for the flood control system. The creek beds were designed using concrete stamps and sandblasting techniques to create the intended finish. The artistic flair used for this commercial build created a truly attractive structure that still completed its job with ease. You can easily apply the same methods in your own commercial project and take inspiration from nature while creating solutions to flooding or drainage issues.

Starting Your Next Commercial Project

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