Budgeting 101: How to Plan for Your Next Concrete Project

Creating a clear budget for your concrete project ensures you will remain on target while bringing your envisioned structure to life. There are a few basic construction budgeting guidelines you can follow to know exactly where your dollars are going.

concrete construction project budgeting””The first step of every successful concrete project should be budgeting. Failing to anticipate all the relevant expenses could lead to an unpleasant surprise when you receive an invoice from your local concrete company or even jeopardize the completion of your work altogether. By breaking your project down into its essential steps, you can create an accurate outline of how much the structure itself will cost. The following information will guide you through each stage of the concrete construction project budgeting process.

Worksite Preparation

Unless you have the equipment and manpower on hand, you will need to pay to have your worksite prepared for the concrete-pouring process. If you hire a professional to complete this phase, you may end up spending $70 per hour for dirt removal and repositioning.

Subbase Materials

To acquire the dirt and gravel you will need for your subbase, you must clearly define the overall size of your project. Once you have established your length, width, and depth figures, you can use this information to estimate your gravel needs in cubic feet. You can expect to pay up to $18 per cubic foot for the purchase and delivery of high-quality gravel. Your subbase supplier will likely place and compact the gravel, but building the framework for your concrete structure will cost extra. The average rate for framework construction is $2 per square foot.

Reinforcement Materials

If your project requires reinforced concrete, your labor and material costs will increase. Reinforcement materials, such as Novamesh and fiber in the concrete mix, tend to cost between 15 and 30 cents per square foot, but you will incur additional expenses if you use rebar or wire mesh. You will need to hire workers who can place these reinforcement materials, secure them, and elevate the resulting frame to your desired height using concrete blocks called dobies. The cost for reinforcement labor is typically between 50 and 75 cents per square foot.

Concrete Materials

At over $90 a cubic yard, the concrete itself tends to make up the bulk of the expenses for this type of construction project. A delivery charge of about $60 will usually be added to your material total. If a pumping system is needed to fill vertical supports, you may need to pay extra for the delivery of your concrete. Otherwise, the concrete will arrive by truck and be poured via chute to fill your prepared work area.

Concrete Finishing

Your concrete workers will likely charge a $2 per square foot for spreading and finishing the concrete structure. In addition to distributing the concrete to evenly fill the forms, this expense covers the application of sealant after the completion of the curing process. Application of stamp or stencil finishes costs significantly more than sealant, although the price varies depending on your location.

Starting Your Concrete Project

Depending on the structure, you can expect to pay just over $5 per square foot for your finished concrete project. For a more detailed estimate or assistance with concrete construction project budgeting, contact Razorback Concrete at 870-455-0700. You will receive expert guidance about planning and budgeting your concrete project from start to finish.

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