With All The Buzz Around Green Construction, How Can Builders Help The Environment Without Breaking The Bank?

As we continue to develop as a country, we are finding new and innovative ways to “go green.” We develop new construction techniques to minimize our impact on an ecosystem. Explore the ways pervious concrete benefits the environment.

pervious concrete benefits””Pervious concrete differs from traditional concrete in that it has reduced amounts of fine bonding material. When concrete is made it usually consists of two components: large granular material and fine binding matrix that molds the larger pieces together. In pervious concrete, the reduced amounts allow for an average of 20% more space in the concrete. This extra space makes the concrete porous while maintaining strength and durability. The pores allow storm water to pass through to the ground below while reducing the amounts of contaminants that would otherwise be washed into storm water drains or absorbed into the soil.

How Pervious Concrete Benefits the Environment

At first glance runoff may not seem like an immediate threat to the environment. However, over time, runoff can cause a host of environmental issues, including the pollution of lakes and streams. Here’s how pervious concrete differs from traditional concrete in regards to the environment.

  • Pervious Concrete allows for zero runoff that would otherwise contaminate lakes and streams.
  • Directly refills ground water and aquifers.
  • Protects watersheds, streams, and ecosystems.
  • Lowers ground surface temperatures and reduces heat island effects.
  • Has a higher albedo (reflection of the sun’s radiation) surface reflectivity index (0.35 or higher) than traditional concrete. In other words, pervious concrete reflects more of the sun’s radiation back into space, thus lowering the effects of global warming and climate change.
  • Lowers or eliminates expensive retention and collection systems.
  • Requires less energy and materials than traditional concrete.
  • The Roots of surrounding vegetation such as trees gain more access to rain water.
Pervious Concrete is a Solution Everyone can Agree on

Pervious concrete is a simple, innovate solution that benefits everyone. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) validates that pervious concrete benefits local ecosystems. Companies like Razorback Concrete install pervious concrete with the optimum efficiency, using less energy and materials without any sacrifice to the strength or life span of the slab.

In addition to conserving the environment, pervious concrete benefits investors and developers as well. For these contractors and developers, EPA regulations on runoff water can cause a sharp increase in costs when building large real estate developments. These large housing projects require drainage systems, storm sewers, and/or retention ponds that cost money and resources. Storm water needs somewhere to go if not directly into the earth. With pervious concrete, land can be used much more efficiently. By reducing the amount of infrastructure required to complete a project, pervious concrete can help save contractors money while protecting the environment. This is especially true when installed by a company like Razorback Concrete, who has a track record of success.

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