Can I Build A Retaining Wall Out Of Concrete?

Retaining walls can completely transform an outdoor space, and they’re not that difficult to build. If you’re planning on making a retaining wall yourself, the most important decision is what material to make it out of. Stone or brick are the two obvious answers, but those materials can get expensive quickly. Concrete may not be as popular of an option, but it actually has a lot of advantages. 



One of the most obvious advantages of concrete is its cost. Concrete will always be cheaper than materials like stone and concrete. Even better that affordability doesn’t come at the cost of aesthetics or effectiveness. 



Concrete isn’t just affordable, it’s incredibly durable as well. It’s not unreasonable to expect your concrete retaining wall to last for decades with minimal maintenance. Unlike brick or stone you can build your concrete retaining wall and not worry about keeping it in working order.


Even better, concrete is a strong material as well. A concrete retainer wall can support quite a bit of weight and won’t break in extreme weather like rain, snow or wind. 



A concrete retaining wall is a fairly simple project and should be achievable for both experienced and new DIYers. If you’re hoping to learn more about concrete work, building a retaining wall is a great place to start. 



Concrete is an incredibly versatile material. With the right planning and know-how, concrete can be made to resemble all types of different materials. If you’re ok with it looking like concrete, you can change the aesthetics by adding curves, angles and stamping. Concrete retaining walls can be made to look like whatever you’re imagining with a little bit of work. 


A retaining wall is a great home project and concrete is the perfect material to use. Of course, if you’re worried about getting this project done yourself it’s worth consulting with a professional. Visit to learn more. 



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