Can I Make A Patio Out of Concrete?

There are few spaces that homeowners enjoy more than a patio. That’s why so many people find themselves working on a homemade patio for their first major DIY project. There are a lot of ways to make a patio, but one of the most effective (and most affordable) is to use concrete as your main building block. 


It’s important to point out that when we’re talking about concrete patios we really are not envisioning the flat, gray concrete that’s used on sidewalks. We’re talking about stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is a whole new ballgame. 


Stamped concrete can be made to aesthetically resemble materials that are far more expensive than concrete. Properly installed stamped concrete can make a patio look like it’s built from wood, stone or even brick! The sky’s the limit here. 


Another major advantage of stamped concrete is its durability. Materials like wood and brick will break down much more quickly than concrete. Especially if they are outside, like on a patio. By using stamped concrete you can achieve the same aesthetic, at a fraction of the cost and your complete project will last for decades. 


Of course, stamping concrete is not the easiest of processes. If you want your stamped concrete to look identical to another type of material, you might find it difficult to achieve on your own. This is particularly true if you’ve never worked with concrete before. 


If your patio is outdoors, it’s incredibly important that the concrete is sealed correctly. This seal will help weatherproof the concrete and make sure your creation lasts as long as you need it to. 


As a result, we recommend reaching out to a professional concrete contractor before getting started. At the very least they can give you some pointers and a good contractor will let you know if you’re getting in over your head. 


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