The Science Behind Ready Mix Concrete in Arkansas

The science behind ready-mix concrete allows this material to dry and cure to an exceptional strength. Explore the factors that contribute to the creation of strong, durable concrete structures.

summer concrete ArkansasAll you have to do to prepare quality ready mix concrete is add water and mix, but what is actually happening beneath the surface? Despite appearances, concrete does not merely dry and harden. With the addition of water for hydration, a complex chemical reaction triggers the materials to begin the curing process. With proper curing, the ready mix concrete in Arkansas gains strength and durability to support all your project needs. Understanding the factors that go into the mixing and curing process can help you prepare for your next project.

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The Different Types of Concrete Admixtures Explained

Admixtures dress up plain concrete by changing its composition and main characteristics. Concrete professionals have to select their admixtures carefully to achieve their goals when it comes to working concrete in Arkansas.

summer concrete ArkansasAlthough plain concrete mixtures are durable and versatile, admixtures can further improve the characteristics of this amazing material. The chemical admixtures alter the composition of the concrete to optimize its workability, durability, and appearance. These chemicals can also facilitate proper curing in less than optimal temperatures and weather conditions. Here is what you need to know about types of concrete admixtures before starting your next project.

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The Romans’ Innovative Strategy to Strengthen Concrete

If you have ever been to Egypt or Italy, odds are you have seen structures that are thousands of years old. Considering how modern buildings crumble quickly without maintenance, it is remarkable that the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and other civilizations could build things so strong.

summer concrete ArkansasA recent report on the history of concrete gives us a clue as to how some of these structures have survived. The Romans developed a recipe for concrete that takes in minerals from seawater, so that seaside structures actually get stronger over time. Not only is this one of the most interesting uses of concrete, but it may hold the key to building sturdier structures today.

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