Can You Recycle Concrete in Arkansas? The Answer is Yes!

Concrete recycling in Arkansas diverts this material from landfills and turns it into a useful resource for your next project. This process promises to revolutionize the way demolition professionals approach concrete disposal.

summer concrete ArkansasT
he vast majority of concrete removed from demolition sites ends up in landfills. Fortunately, recycling offers a much better way to utilize the leftover concrete rubble and keep it out of those landfills. By recycling the concrete, you can save on disposal costs, which are up to $100 a ton at most landfills and seemingly increase with each regulatory change. Diverting the materials away from a landfill also helps prevent its limited space from filling up with concrete. You can reap the rewards of using this innovative concrete disposal method by incorporating concrete recycling into your daily operations. Here is what you need to know about recycling concrete in Arkansas.

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Cement vs. Concrete: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between cement and concrete can help your next paving project go smoothly. Use this guide to learn what you need to know.

summer concrete ArkansasAs you head into your next paving project, you can prepare by learning about the key differences between cement and concrete materials. These materials differ in essential ways that determine their usefulness on the job site. When you commit to learning about the materials you will need in your project; you help streamline each task for quick, thorough completion by the deadline. Here’s what you need to know about cement vs. concrete Arkansas materials.

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The Science Behind Ready Mix Concrete in Arkansas

The science behind ready-mix concrete allows this material to dry and cure to an exceptional strength. Explore the factors that contribute to the creation of strong, durable concrete structures.

summer concrete ArkansasAll you have to do to prepare quality ready mix concrete is add water and mix, but what is actually happening beneath the surface? Despite appearances, concrete does not merely dry and harden. With the addition of water for hydration, a complex chemical reaction triggers the materials to begin the curing process. With proper curing, the ready mix concrete in Arkansas gains strength and durability to support all your project needs. Understanding the factors that go into the mixing and curing process can help you prepare for your next project.

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