Exploring How Precast Concrete Bridges Are Built

To create a precast concrete bridge, workers must take steps to ensure the final product withstands more than 50 years of constant use. When you understand this process, you may gain inspiration for your own concrete project.

Learn how a concrete truck works.In 1889, Ernest Leslie Ransome made history by being the first to utilize reinforced concrete to create a bridge on public roadways – the arched Alvord Lake Bridge in San Francisco, California. The demonstrated strength and durability of that initial bridge inspired the construction of more than 330,000 concrete bridges across the United States. The bridges span across large waterways, freeways, and otherwise impassable stretches to markedly improve the existing transportation infrastructure. With many of these structures approaching the end of their expected 50-year lifespan, new bridge construction projects will undoubtedly begin soon. Understanding how bridges are built over water and across large land masses may give you ideas for your next concrete construction project.

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6 Concrete Safety Hazards to Prepare for in Your Work Zone

When it comes time to get started your next concrete construction project, you can plan ahead to eliminate safety hazards from your work zone.

Follow these concrete safety hazard tips to prepare your for a safe work zone. As you plan your concrete projects, you must take action to ensure the work zone remains safe for all of your workers. Even the most basic work zones in Arkansas can be fraught with concrete safety hazards that could potentially cause injury to your workers or other people onsite. You can mitigate the dangers by enforcing the use of proven safety techniques and equipment for every concrete construction project. Here are six concrete safety hazards to prepare for as you set up your work zone.

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Mixing on the Road: Exploring How Concrete Trucks Work

The development of purpose-built concrete trucks enabled workers to pour and mold the concrete during its ideal workable state.

Learn how a concrete truck works.Since working with concrete is an intensive process on a time schedule, mixing by hand only works well for the smallest of jobs. Horse drawn concrete mixers were once used for larger concrete projects, but they were eventually replaced with the heavy duty trucks you see today. You might ask yourself, “How does a concrete truck work?” These trucks mix the dry aggregate and binders during transport, adding water and chemical admixtures as needed when arriving on the jobsite. By delaying the mixing of the dry and wet ingredients, the trucks ensure workers have enough time to pour and spread the concrete before it starts to set up. When you know how a concrete truck works, you can better budget the time and preparation needed for each project.

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