Cement vs. Concrete: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between cement and concrete can help your next paving project go smoothly. Use this guide to learn what you need to know.

summer concrete Arkansas””As you head into your next paving project, you can prepare by learning about the key differences between cement and concrete materials. These materials differ in essential ways that determine their usefulness on the job site. When you commit to learning about the materials you will need in your project; you help streamline each task for quick, thorough completion by the deadline. Here’s what you need to know about cement vs. concrete Arkansas materials.

Types of Cement for Basic and Specialty Applications
Despite its name being used to describe concrete, cement is just the binding ingredient in the concrete mixture. When combined with water, the cement binds the fine and coarse aggregates together to create the concrete slurry. As the mixture dries and cures, it becomes a strong and durable rock-like structure.
There are eight different types of cement designed to create concrete when combined with aggregate and water. The different cement formulas promote proper curing of the concrete materials under otherwise adverse conditions. Cold weather, high winds or excess sulfate in the water or soil are not a problem when you use the proper type of cement in your concrete mix.

Ingredients and Proportions for Concrete
You must use the right proportions of ingredients to ensure your concrete has the strength and durability to hold up to years of use. For basic project needs, your concrete mix may contain three parts large aggregate, three parts small aggregate and one part cement. Projects that require a high compressive strength, such as the floor of a heavy-duty service shop, may need an even higher ratio of rocks to cement. With the higher ratio, however, the concrete mixture will lose workability.

Choosing Cement vs. Concrete Arkansas for Your Projects
You will need to work with your Arkansas concrete suppliers to find the right type of cement to use for each project. Your Arkansas concrete company will help you create the perfect mixture of cement and aggregate to support your project needs. You will never have to guess, “What concrete material should I use,” with these professionals on your side.

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With your newfound knowledge, you can head into your next paving project with confidence. To acquire support from your trusted concrete suppliers, contact our team at Razorback Concrete by calling 870-455-0700. As your leading Arkansas concrete company, we will help you find and acquire the right materials for the job to ensure you can achieve your project goals.

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