How Concrete Construction Benefits Our National and State Economy

The concrete produced in the United States is of the highest quality and used throughout the world, boosting infrastructural development and economic prosperity.

benefits of concrete to the economy””While most people interact with concrete on a daily basis and do not think twice about it, the truth is that the benefits of concrete to the economy are vital to the success of Arkansas and our country as a whole. Our concrete production techniques are also well-respected worldwide thanks to stringent product and testing requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). If the creation and application of concrete in commercial construction were to slow, there is no doubt that there would be economic impact. This is why the use of concrete in infrastructural projects continues to grow: it’s vital to our economic success.

The Benefits of Concrete to the Economy

A chief example of the benefits of concrete can be seen when you compare it to products such as asphalt. Many businesses today are opting to use concrete instead of asphalt, especially because the cost of concrete does not fluctuate as much as asphalt’s. While our post-industrial economy never experiences shortages of concrete, asphalt shortages do occur. Additionally, the installation of asphalt can only occur during higher temperatures, which can cause important construction projects to be delayed through colder months across the country.

It is also important to note the “green” quality of concrete. Unlike asphalt, it can be made of recycled materials like repurposed concrete, fly ash, and coal slag. For more sustainable construction projects, many contractors are also turning to pervious concrete.

Why Pervious Concrete Is Beneficial to Our Economy

Pervious concrete pavements can be used in the construction of commercial projects such as roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots to reduce costs and increase sustainability. When compared to conventional concrete or asphalt, which initial costs may be higher, total project expenses for pervious concrete are on average lower. This leaves more funds for other projects or ventures which stimulate infrastructural and economic growth.

Furthermore, the porous structure of pervious concrete encourages water filtration and discourages pollution. This can help prevent flash flooding, decrease land pollution, and support natural vegetation, all of which can have a significant economic impact on local communities.

The Economic Advantages of Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) has an array of advantages including ease of delivery, quick application, and long-term durability. While made of the same materials as regular ready mixed concrete, the pouring process for roller compacted concrete requires no forms, joints, reinforcement, or finishing. It is perfect for high-quality roads, industrial pavements, and heavy-duty parking areas that require rapid installation and long life spans. Roads build with RCC can save money for state and federal agencies simply because it can resist cracking under heavy trucks or high temperatures, which is usually the cause of extensive replacement and reconstruction projects across the country.

Roller compacted concrete serves as an economic bonus as it empowers developers to invest their capital into profitable business ventures and engage in co-beneficial economic transactions with other local businesses. The result is less of an investment in terms of time, effort, and money that can hold up projects that benefit our economy.

Industry Standards for Concrete Production

Over the last ten years, ASTM’s C09 committees have instituted a set of stringent standards for pervious concrete, self-consolidating concrete, and roller-compacted concrete. These products are part of a growing movement that concrete producers are perfecting. As concrete construction continues to evolve, industry standards will help define concrete as the world’s most beneficial building material. Ask any industry expert around the globe and they will earnestly argue that concrete created in the United States is the most safe, durable, and serviceable for a variety of uses.

All of these factors qualify concrete as an important building material for the foundation of our buildings and our local and national economy.

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