Concrete Contractor vs. Concrete Supplier: What Exactly Do They Do?

Understanding the differences between a concrete contractor and concrete supplier can help to ensure the success of your upcoming construction project.

Learn what a concrete contractor and concrete supplier do for a project.””With the right team of concrete professionals on your side, you can make sure your project goes according to plan and wraps up on schedule. Although you may notice a slight overlap in job duties, you will need both an Arkansas residential concrete supplier and a concrete contractor on site to achieve the best results. The following information explains what a concrete contractor does, the different role a supplier plays, and how you can leverage their combined skills for outstanding results.

What Does a Concrete Supplier Do?

When you hire a concrete supplier, you ensure your ready-mix will arrive onsite by truck with the batch ready to be poured into your work area. Upon contacting your concrete supplier, you will need to share your project specifications to estimate that total amount of material needed for your project. Your supplier will also determine if your concrete will require the inclusion of admixtures. You are responsible for setting up a delivery time and preparing your worksite in anticipation of the arrival of your concrete.

When arranging the delivery of your order, your supplier will select their closest concrete facility to reduce the travel distance of the concrete trucks. The ready-mix product must be delivered within 90 minutes of its initial preparation to keep the material its workable state. If you order reinforcement materials, they will arrive on a separate truck well before your scheduled concrete delivery date to give you adequate time to fully prepare your worksite.

What Does a Concrete Contractor Do?

On your scheduled concrete delivery date, you should have a concrete contractor onsite to handle the next phase of the project. You can also call your contractor ahead of time to prepare the subgrade and build the frames if you prefer to have that work performed by an expert. When the concrete arrives, your contractor will supervise the pouring and spreading process to create your ideal build. Your contractor and other laborers will need to quickly and efficiently push the concrete into the prepared frame before it begins to set up.

You can have your contractor break down the frames and apply the sealant after the concrete starts to cure. You may also choose to have stencils or stamps applied to the surface of the concrete to improve its overall appearance. Your contractor will perform all the tasks needed to make sure the end result reflects your vision and meets your expectations.

How Should I Delegate Tasks?

Although your concrete contractor can help you estimate your material needs and mix the concrete by hand, it is much more efficient to assign this task to a dedicated supplier. Your supplier can work with your contractor to ensure the success of your project from start to finish. Furthermore, by delegating these tasks to two distinct experts, you give your concrete contractor the ability to focus on molding the concrete into its final form without worry about competing tasks.

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