Concrete Creations: 3 Commercial Structures That Use Reinforced Concrete

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Concrete is a strong, flexible material, and if properly designed and maintained, reinforced concrete structures can remain standing for hundreds of years or longer.

Reinforced concrete is composed of concrete backed up by steel bars, steel fibers, or other reinforcing materials to enhance its tensile strength and durability. Reinforced concrete is popular in commercial construction because it provides extra strength and reliability for large-scale projects meant to sustain heightened use and wear. This is why it is the preferred core construction method for the following three commercial projects.

1. Warehouse Floors

Your warehouse’s floor is crucial to its success. Warehouse floors must be able to sustain the weight of all goods, industrial equipment, and personnel that are present in your warehouse at any given time. Even a minor imperfection can compromise your floor if enough weight is placed on it. This can cause expensive problems such as:

  • Vehicle Damage – Warehouse vehicle tires are not designed to operate on bumpy or broken surfaces, and will wear down quickly on broken floors. Driving on broken floors can also jolt your vehicle, causing structural damage.
  • Worker Injury – Jolts from bad floors hurt not only the equipment but also the health of your employees operating that equipment. Employees can often experience lower back pain, fatigue, and other health conditions that lower productivity and cause injury.
  • Declining Sanitation – Dirt and organic matter accumulate in cracked floors, attracting rodents and other disease carriers.

Using reinforced concrete reduces your likelihood of these problems. Ask your commercial concrete supplier about 0.1% deformed reinforced concrete for your warehouse floors. Reinforcement above this level causes the floors to crack out of their joints while reinforcement below this level cannot handle sufficient weight. For large warehouse floors, steel bar reinforced concrete is the most popular reinforcement method.

2. Sound Walls and Barriers

Sound walls protect residents and businesses from the noises of nearby highways, reflecting the sound toward uninhabited areas. To remain cost efficient, sound walls must be able to resist both erosion from wind and rain and the vibrations from thousands of vehicles that pass by each day.

Construction crews frequently turn to reinforced concrete to provide a foundation for these sound barriers. Reinforced concrete is dense, hard to move, and resistant to erosion. Vertical posts are bolted to the top of the barrier or embedded within it before it dries, ensuring strength. These posts hold up the sound walls and may be made from steel or steel fiber reinforced concrete.

3. Agricultural Silos

Reinforced concrete is often used for its ability to remain strong in almost any shape. This versatility is particularly useful in the construction of silos, which must also be large and tall enough to hold and protect tons of grain.

Reinforced concrete silos resist inclement weather and other environmental threats, protecting their contents while requiring minimal maintenance. Reinforced concrete silos are so strong that they often even hold additional storage and farm equipment on their roofs.

Reinforced concrete silos can be built to any height, so long as the diameter is large enough to hold the weight. Silos are round structures, and are built from rounded, steel fiber reinforced concrete blocks held in place with vertical rebar and steel bar reinforced concrete walls.

Reinforced concrete is also used in commercial building foundations, skyscrapers, highways, and interstate bridges and tunnels. Your commercial concrete supplier can help you decide on the best reinforcement strategy for your specific commercial construction project.

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