Beautiful Concrete

Concrete Is Beautiful in Color

Concrete is known for many things, but beauty usually isn’t one of them. New techniques of staining and finishing the surface has helped concrete break through its cold reputation. Yet many people remain unaware of the potential for creativity with this versatile material.

One option is to color the concrete from the very beginning. Razorback Concrete can blend color additives into the ready-mix so that it is integrated throughout the concrete slab. This is an inexpensive, easy way to make new concrete coordinate with the surrounding landscape or decor. Any future chipping or other damage to the slab won’t be as apparent as it might be with a topcoat of stain, since the color runs throughout the concrete. Colors and tonality can vary widely, so it’s important to work with a concrete company that is familiar with these additives.

Once colored concrete is chosen for a job, additional finish techniques can be applied to enhance the final look. Concrete finish contractors can stamp the concrete with textured plates to mimic the look of stone pavers. This produces a rich, custom look perfect for large areas but at a fraction of the cost of laying natural stone. Additional dyes can be applied to the surface to further simulate the variegated colors of stone.

In addition to being colored, concrete can be polished to a high shine that is especially eye-catching indoors. In residential and commercial properties alike, this finish results in a low-maintenance, durable surface. Again, concrete finishers can add dyes and stains to the surface to create a custom design that’s a far cry from warehouse-gray.

For older, damaged concrete, a decorative overlay might prove to be the best option. Overlays can be applied in a thin layer or a few inches thick. They smooth out rough, uneven patches and give a fresh surface for stamping or staining. This can be a great way to bring a new look to an old slab without the work of demolition.

Thanks to new additives and materials, concrete is finally putting its colorful, beautiful side forward. The new options for decorative styling mean property owners and finishers are limited only by their imaginations.