Concrete Maintenance Manual: Proper Care and Regular Maintenance of Concrete Surfaces

Following a few basic maintenance tips concerning proper care and maintenance of concrete in the South can extend the life of nearly all of your concrete surfaces.

care and maintenance of concrete””Taking good care of concrete surfaces can result in them lasting far longer than normal, especially if you perform regular maintenance duties. Employing proper care and maintenance of concrete in the South is relatively simple and inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of redoing the job just a few years from now. Follow a few of our basic maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your concrete driveway, countertop, or floor.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways in Arkansas have to stand up to a wide variety of outdoor factors. Keeping your driveway clean and free from stains will also go a long way in preventing certain substances from altering how your driveway looks. A couple of steps you can take to help with proper care and maintenance of concrete driveways in the South include:

  • Removing any stains as quickly as possible with safe chemicals or pressure washing.
  • Avoiding the use of salt or other chemicals to de-ice the driveway, which can weaken the structure and damage nearby vegetation.
  • Being careful not to overload the driveway with heavy vehicles.
  • Re-applying sealant approximately every two years.

Concrete Countertops

Your concrete countertops should always be sealed as soon as they have cured. This prevents staining as well as the absorption of cleaning chemicals, which can ultimately end up breaking down the concrete over time. A good sealer should last between 5 and 10 years depending on how much use your countertops get and how often they are cleaned. Properly maintaining concrete countertops should be done by:

  • Avoiding using your countertops as a cutting board, which can produce scratches in the seal.
  • Repairing any chips or cracks that are larger than hairline cracks.
  • Keeping extremely hot surfaces off of the concrete.

Concrete Floors

Both interior and exterior concrete flooring require are easy to maintain after the proper amount of sealing, even if you have polished, stained, or stamped decorative elements. Beware of dust particles that normally accrue in indoor spaces, because they can wear the finish away prematurely as they can grind against the surface with foot traffic. You can protect the seal and extend your floor’s lifespan through annual waxing. A couple of other helpful tips for keeping concrete floors well-maintained are:

  • Refinish your floor regularly, depending on exactly how much foot traffic the floor sees.
  • Only mop your floor with neutral PH cleaners and water, as this enhances the gloss finish instead of dulling it like harsher solvents.
  • Use doormats, rugs, and felt pads under heavy furniture to protect the concrete from scratches and foot traffic.

As winter approaches, it is especially important to note that any ready mix concrete surface should not be treated with salts, de-icing products, or harsh chemicals within the first year of placement. The better you maintain your concrete surfaces through the years, the longer it is going to last without cracking or pitting. Find out more about proper care and maintenance of concrete in the South by contacting Razorback Concrete or calling 870-455-0700. If you’re looking to pour a new concrete surface, let us know what you’re looking for and how we can serve all of your ready-mix concrete needs.

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