The Core Differences Between Commercial Concrete Projects & Structural or Industrial Concrete Projects

When undertaking a new construction project, there are choices to make. But whether your project is commercial, industrial, or structural, you can trust Razorback Concrete as a concrete provider to protect your building’s integrity.

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Technological advancements have made concrete stronger and more reliable than anyone might have dreamed of even 50 years ago. Major constructions efforts today now benefit from these improvements across commercial, structural, and industrial concrete projects. Each project type has its own specifications, which is why Razorback Concrete Company, as a top Arkansas concrete provider for commercial projects, focuses on producing and delivering the right type of concrete to your construction site. We understand the differing needs between commercial concrete projects versus structural or industrial projects, and we are equipped to handle all of them.

Commercial Concrete Projects

When ready-mix concrete is used in commercial projects, it offers several benefits to make ease of maintenance, structural safety, and surface finishing aesthetics a priority. Maintenance of commercial concrete flooring is simple as spills, dirt, and dust can be easily cleaned with regular sweeping and mopping. Periodically using a sealant or wax to reinforce finishes placed during construction keeps the surface protected and polished. Commercial concrete floors also divert odors and allergens, reduce energy costs, and secure a building’s integrity from potential water and fire damage. In schools, office buildings, retail spaces, medical facilities, and other commercial projects, we can provide the concrete you need.

Industrial Concrete Projects

When we deliver concrete for an industrial concrete slab, we will ensure our concrete follows the specifications necessary to meet the special requirements of their usage. The structural requirements for using the heavy equipment present in manufacturing and processing facilities is very different from a commercial structure like a grocery store or restaurant. When you choose Razorback Concrete as your concrete provider for an industrial project, we make sure our concrete meets certain specifications to support the activities within the structure.

Structural Concrete Projects

Concrete is often used for weight bearing columns, walls, beams, and foundations in buildings because concrete can better withstand water, fire, and wind damage than other building materials. With advanced technology, a lighter weight concrete reinforced with steel or synthetic fibers is used in structural projects like multi-level, high-rise buildings like stadiums, office buildings, apartment homes, etc. This gives the construction site a strong base foundation.

What Benefits Can Razorback Concrete Provide?

With more than 100 mixer trucks and 18 concrete plant locations around the state, Razorback Concrete Company can not only take on the biggest construction projects, but ensure the concrete quality is produced and delivered correctly. We work closely with structural engineers to understand a project’s needs and establish the steps we will need to follow to prevent our concrete from cracking, unevenness, or sealing problems after you pour it. No matter if the project is commercial, industrial, or structural, we prioritize the building’s structural integrity in developing our concrete materials so that it will withstand the uses and pressures it will face.

Let Razorback Concrete Company, with 18 locations throughout Arkansas, be your concrete provider for any commercial, industrial, or structural projectContact us to get a quote for your concrete project or call us at 870-455-0700 for a project analysis that will help you make the best choice, both structurally and financially.

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