Decorating DIY: How to Stain Concrete Surfaces

Acid and water staining techniques may easily be used to drastically improve the appearance of existing concrete floors.

How to Stain Concrete Surfaces””Stained concrete offers the look and strength of exquisite flooring materials such as marble and granite, without the high installation costs and upkeep requirements which they impose. Both old and new concrete floor installations respond beautifully to water or acid based staining treatments. You can immediately improve the appearance of your Arkansas home by performing the staining process on your concrete floors. Now, what do you need to begin your project of staining concrete floors?

Supply List

You will need a broom, mop, and wet vacuum to thoroughly clean the floors and prepare them for the acid staining process. The staining process requires the following tools:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Airless sprayer
  • Masking tape
  • Ammonia
  • Broom
  • Clean water
  • Concrete stain
  • Sealant

You must gather your cleaning and staining tools ahead of time to make sure you have everything on hand when you start the job. Once you begin, the process requires strict adherence to the time schedule to achieve the stained appearance you desire. Planning ahead means that you will not find yourself missing a key tool halfway through the project!

Stain Types

You can either use acid or water based stain to achieve the surface appearance. Acid stains are long lasting, durable solutions for high traffic areas of your home. This type of acid tends to replicate natural earth tones as found in marble or granite floors. With water based stain products, you can achieve nearly any color you wish for your floors, but the stain will not last as long in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as entryways. With either concrete stain option, you can attempt to protect the concrete stain with sealant to help your flooring retain its color and pattern for as long as possible.

Steps for Staining Your Concrete

1. Prepare the concrete surface by sweeping and mopping from corner to corner on the area you plan to stain.
2. Use the wet vacuum to thoroughly remove surface contaminants which may remain on the floor.
3. Apply masking tape to your door frames, moldings and other lower structures near the concrete surface to prevent stain transfer.
4. Prepare the concrete stain in your spray container or paint bucket by diluting the product with water as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions.
5. Spray or brush a thin coat of the stain product onto your concrete floor and allow it to sit for at least two minutes.
6. Repeat the stain application until you achieve your ideal flooring color and pattern.
7. Stop the staining process by applying ammonia to halt the chemical reaction process.
8. Use a stiff bristle broom to brush the surface of the concrete.
9. Rinse the floor with clean water until the runoff appears completely clear.
10. Let the flooring dry for at least 24 hours, then apply concrete sealant to the surface.

Starting Your Concrete Staining Project

If you are looking to start a concrete project or you wish to learn more about how concrete will beautify your home, contact the team at Razorback Concrete in Arkansas by calling 870-455-0700. You will receive the support you need to plan your next concrete project with confidence.

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