The Different Types of Concrete Admixtures Explained

Admixtures dress up plain concrete by changing its composition and main characteristics. Concrete professionals have to select their admixtures carefully to achieve their goals when it comes to working concrete in Arkansas.

summer concrete Arkansas””Although plain concrete mixtures are durable and versatile, admixtures can further improve the characteristics of this amazing material. The chemical admixtures alter the composition of the concrete to optimize its workability, durability, and appearance. These chemicals can also facilitate proper curing in less than optimal temperatures and weather conditions. Here is what you need to know about types of concrete admixtures before starting your next project.

Types of Concrete Admixtures

There are many different types of concrete admixtures to consider while completing your project. These chemicals all perform specific functions, so it is essential to pinpoint the optimal one for your needs before committing to the concrete mixing process.

Air Entrainers

Air entrainers trap air bubbles in the concrete as a form of insulation to minimize the impact of rapid or intense freeze-thaw cycles. The protection from these cycles helps boost the durability of the concrete considerably.


Masonry admixtures help prepare the concrete for the production of bricks, pavers, and other machine-made materials. Overall, this chemical improves the strength and appearance of manufactured concrete materials.

Set Accelerators

In cold weather, concrete experts often utilize set accelerators to speed up the drying and curing time of the concrete. Adjusting the cure rate keeps the concrete from crumbling or otherwise falling apart when dry.

Set Retarders

To give concrete experts more time during pouring, set retarders are added to the mixture. These chemicals are particularly important in hot or windy weather, which tends to accelerate concrete dry times rapidly.

Water Reducers

Normal, mid-range and high-range water reducers all markedly decrease the amount of water needed for the concrete mixture. This admixture improves slump retention and promotes excellent workability.


Pigments are admixtures that alter the appearance of the concrete. The pigments instantly change the color of the wet concrete to meet your design goals. These pigments work great on their own or in combination with concrete stencils and stains.

Your unique project considerations will help determine which admixtures to use in your concrete mixture, if any. You can partner with a supplier of concrete in Arkansas to better understand how to select and utilize the different types of concrete admixtures.

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