DIY Diligence: 4 Decorative Concrete Ideas for Your Arkansas Home

I want to decorate my yard. What can I do with concrete?A better question would be “what can’t you do?” As one of the most flexible and durable building materials on the market, concrete is suitable for a wide range of DIY creations.

Enviromental benefits of pervious concrete””If you’re searching for a simple and affordable way to make your yard stand out, the many interesting uses of concrete open up an array of possibilities. The following concrete designs offer a glimpse of just how much is possible with this material.

Concrete Fire Columns

If you enjoy candlelight as you read, eat, or socialize outdoors, why not mount such candles from a set of elegant concrete columns? To make a concrete column, begin by obtaining a set of hollow cardboard tubes with a diameter that is one inch larger than that of the candles you plan to use. Cut these tubes to your desired length, fill them with concrete, and then insert a coffee drum into the top of the tube. As the concrete sits, rotate the drum regularly so that it does not set with the concrete. Then remove the drum, peel away the tube, and set your column up with a candle on top!

Decorative Stepping Stones

If you’re creating a walkway for your yard, why not use some decorative stepping stones to make it? To make these stones, place porcelain shards, colored glass, and other decorative items in a round baking pan with a sheet of contact paper underneath; the pan can be of any size, depending on your preference. Then pour in concrete evenly, let it set, take it out, and peel the contact paper off. You’ll end up with a truly beautiful place to put your feet.

Garden Globes

Sometimes the most beautiful garden decorations are the simplest. To create rounded orbs for your yard, take some glass lamp globes, grease their interiors liberally with cooking spray, and pour concrete inside. Take care not to pour concrete so high that it climbs over the top, as this will make it harder to remove the glass. Then leave the globes upright for several days so that the concrete can cure. Finally, break the glass with a hammer, taking care not to injure yourself in the process. You’ll have a set of rounded globes that you can mount anywhere in your garden.

Concrete Birdbaths

A somewhat more complex project, making a concrete birdbath involves obtaining two separate molds: one for the foundation and another for the tub. Fill each mold with concrete, put it on a level surface, and cover it with plastic so it doesn’t lose moisture; then leave it to cure for a week. Finally, put the tub on top of the foundation, seal them, and set the new structure up in your yard.

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