Does My Concrete Garage Need A Floor Coating?

The most common type of garage floor in the United States is most certainly concrete. It’s affordable, powerful and durable. These qualities make it the ideal floor for a garage, particularly one that is regularly used to store vehicles. However, not all types of concrete floors are the same. Every homeowner with a concrete-floored garage should seriously consider adding a floor coating if they have not done so already. 


Right off the bat it’s important to realize that there are dozens if not hundreds of different types of floor coatings. Some have practical differences, but the majority are aesthetic. That means it’s imperative that you have an understanding of what you want your floor to look like after the coating before you can move forward with the project. 


Once you know the type of aesthetic you’re going for, the next step is to decide what type of protection you want for your floor. A good coating will include some epoxy that protects your floor from stains, tire marks and other common knicks that accumulate on used garage floors. 


Another advantage of a floor coating is the longevity it gives to your floor. While proper concrete can last for decades, it won’t last forever. By placing another protective layer on top of the concrete, you  are effectively adding years to the lifespan of your garage floor. It’s an investment. 


A floor coating is also a good way to carve out a part of your garage to be used as a place that is not specifically for car storage. Some coatings are conducive to a gym floor and are resistant to damage from heavy weights. Others can be used to mimic tile and will give your garage a more elevated look. The sky’s the limit with how you want to utilize floor coatings on a concrete floor. 


A concrete floor in a garage is a time-honored tradition at this point, but it can be improved. If your garage does not have a floor coating, you should consider adding one in the near future. If you don’t want to do it yourself, reach out to a professional! Visit to learn more. 



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