The Easy, DIY Concrete Patio How-To Just In Time for Summer

Ready mix concrete is perfect for pouring a new concrete patio. Learn how to plan, prep, and place this product on your own to enjoy your backyard this summer.

DIY concrete patio using a ready mix provider in Arkansas””Pouring your own concrete patio gives you the ability to design your backyard space exactly as you envision and save money on building costs. As one of the most popular building materials on the planet, concrete is unique in its ability to meet a variety of needs. However, it does take some work to plan your project, prep the area, order your concrete, and fill the patio. Taking the time to plan and complete your DIY concrete patio using a ready mix provider in Arkansas will ensure you achieve the results you’re looking for.

The Process of Pouring Your Own Concrete Patio

The importance of doing things right the first time cannot be overstressed when it comes to pouring a concrete patio without using a professional contractor. Once the concrete sets, it will be extremely difficult to remove – so make sure you set aside enough time to plan and prep before the concrete truck arrives.

Step #1: Plan Your Work

Start your project research by calling your local city or county planning department and asking about regulatory requirements so that you can plan your patio appropriately. They may need the concrete you use to meet certain depth or strength criteria or ask you to apply for construction permits depending on what you are doing.

Next, mark off the area where you want the patio corners with stakes and along the perimeter with 2 x 4s. Measure the length, width, and desired depth of the space so you can estimate how much concrete to order. Using our free online concrete calculator, you can input these measurements to get exact figures and explore your options.

Step #2: Prep the Area

To create the ideal area for the concrete to set, start by removing all plants, grass, and roots within the borders of your stakes. Then, dig out the soil so the patio, when filled, will be slightly above ground level. Make certain the soil or subgrade is well compacted prior to placing the concrete.

Step #3: Set Your Forms

Your forms will determine the final shape and grade of your concrete. It is always advisable to create a grade with a small slope so water does not settle on the finished concrete patio surface. Use a string line and level to set your grade at the height of the slab surface and drive wooden stakes in the ground to hold your forms. Remember to use enough stakes to hold your forms around curves and make sure to use sturdy enough stakes to hold the weight of your concrete.

Step #4: Order the Concrete

When you’re ready to pour your DIY concrete patio using a ready mix provider in Arkansas, contact Razorback Concrete. Our versatile ready mix concrete product is perfect for DIY projects, making any pour easier by being ready as soon as it arrives. Using the measurements calculated earlier, let the customer representative you speak with know the specifications of your project and be open to the advice they may offer to give you better results.

When the day for pouring arrives, be sure you have a place for the delivery truck to access your project or that you have wheelbarrows and helpers ready to haul the ready mix concrete into your yard.

Step #5: Pour and Finish

Remember that your ready mix concrete provider will only be delivering your concrete, so you and your friends will be pouring and finishing the concrete. You can ask your delivery driver for any recommendations on your pour before you begin placing it. Start by pouring the concrete mix into your molds, starting with the furthest section first. Use a 2×4 to screed, or strike, off the excess, and finish the surface with a trowel or broom and leave it to set.

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