From Plain to Wow!: Colored Concrete & Stamped Patterns

””When most people think of concrete, the image of cracked, gray slabs usually comes to mind. After all, concrete has been the go-to material for paving driveways and walkways for years. However, this generic appearance is not all concrete has to offer. To the contrary, modern techniques have revolutionized the appearance of concrete, making this versatile material not just practical but attractive as well. For the very best in concrete finishing tips, look no further than Razorback Concrete.

Razorback Concrete can make any concrete look beautiful. For refined indoor spaces or inviting outdoor areas, Razorback Concrete has a wide array of finishing ideas that are attractive and affordable. To get started with a personal concrete transformation, consider the following tips.

1. Color

Concrete is naturally associated with the color gray. While this may be fine for a parking lot, it may not complement a home or the front of a business. Fortunately, there is no reason to settle for a boring shade when concrete can easily be dyed any color. In fact, with Razorback Concrete, concrete can be purchased with the dye added to the mix, which reduces any complications in the coloring process. This makes it easy to create colorful concrete from the start.

2. Texture

It is a mistake to think that concrete has to have a flat appearance. Razorback Concrete can recommend contractors who provide stamped patterns to create a multitude of finishes. The options are almost endless. Stamped concrete can look like wood or stone and can feature ornate designs. Texturing is completed by imprinting the concrete when it is wet with pre-made stamps. This can be done on freshly laid concrete or can be added on top of previously laid concrete as a decorative overlay. With stamps, concrete can be dramatically transformed to complement any style or space.

3. Sheen

Concrete can literally shine. It is easy for your concrete contractor to add any number of sealers to create a distinctive finishing sheen to the end product. This can let concrete retain a glossy appearance, which is a far cry from the drab finish most people expect. These additives can also create an extra layer of durability, further safeguarding the integrity of the concrete for years to come. Contact Razorback Concrete for our line of sealing products.

These concrete finishing tips are just the start. With Razorback Concrete, any home or business can transform plain concrete into a spectacular paving material.

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