2002: High Marks for Razorback Concrete

“Total customer satisfaction” is a phrase used a lot by companies these days. It’s a noble idea that very few companies, if any, can achieve.

Total customer satisfaction has been one of Razorback Concrete’s goals since the company began operations in 1965. In 2002 the company decided to conduct a survey of customers to find out what they thought of its products and services. The survey turned out to be one of the most important projects Razorback Concrete has ever undertaken.

Razorback Concrete hired a nationally known company, InfoQuest, to randomly select and survey a group of customers from all over eastern Arkansas. The results were both informative and encouraging.

The survey covered numerous topics relating to product quality, service, ease of doing business and many other issues. The resulting data were carefully analyzed so that the company can address its weaknesses and build upon its strengths. Some changes in procedures have already been made based upon the information gleaned from the survey.

Perhaps the most important information learned from the survey was that 98 percent of Razorback Concrete customers are satisfied with the company’s products and services. Specifically, 70.6 percent of customers who were surveyed were “completely satisfied,” while 27.5 were “generally satisfied.”

According to InfoQuest, which has conducted similar surveys for hundreds of companies across America, Razorback Concrete’s “customer satisfaction score” was 28 points higher than the median score of all other companies surveyed. InfoQuest went on to say that Razorback Concrete had achieved a level of customer satisfaction that is “rarely achieved.”

“It’s very gratifying to know that our customers are pleased with our products and services,” said Kent Ingram, president of Razorback Concrete. “Customer feedback is extremely important in any business or industry. We want to know what our customers want and how we can do a better job.”

National Ranking

According to InfoQuest, Razorback Concrete is in the top 20% nationally in the following categories:

  • Management – top 2%
  • Technical support – top 3%
  • Ease of doing business – top 5%
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction – top 13%
  • Customer loyalty – top 16%
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