How Can I Fix Mismatched Concrete?

Concrete’s durability is one of its most desired traits, but it can lead to some unique upkeep challenges. As concrete ages, all sorts of factors can cause it to discolor in different ways. If one portion of your patio gets more shade for example the sun will not cause it to fade, which will eventually cause a color mismatch on the patio concrete. These color mismatches are normal and are actually fairly easy to fix. 



Depending on the severity of the color mismatch and the amount of concrete that’s been affected, the best course of action might be to completely resurface the concrete. A resurface will not only unify the color of the concrete, but will make the entire surface look brand new again. 


Aesthetics aside, a concrete resurfacing will also extend the lifespan of the entire concrete feature by several years if done correctly. A job of this magnitude is usually best left to the professionals unless you are an advanced DIYer. 



One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of unifying mismatched concrete is to paint the entire concrete surface. Painted concrete is absolutely stunning when done correctly and opens the door to all sorts of aesthetic choices. Painted concrete can be made to resemble marble, wood and many other different (and often more expensive) materials. Even better, painting concrete is fairly easy to do and can be done by most homeowners themselves. 



If the discoloration of the concrete goes beyond normal wear and tear and is a result of damage, it might be time to consider replacing the concrete in question. While concrete does have an impressive lifespan, at some point it shouldn’t be repaired anymore and needs to be replaced. 


Discolored concrete can be a frustrating problem but luckily it’s relatively easy to fix. Take the time to identify the root of the problem and decide which solution is right for you. When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to consult with a professional concrete contractor. Visit



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