How Can I Protect A Concrete Basement?

Basements are one of the most overlooked areas of any home. As a result, basements are also one of the more common areas that concrete contractors are called on to repair. If every homeowner with a concrete basement followed the three tips discussed in this article, they would keep their basements in great condition and avoid having to pay costly repair fees. 


The first tip for protecting a concrete basement may be the most obvious, but it is also the most important. The homeowner needs to make sure the basement is fully covered as part of their homeowners insurance policy. Basements are often overlooked in these policies, or underinsured. The truth is that basement repairs can become costly quickly and a proper insurance policy is the best way any homeowner can protect their basement and their financial wellbeing. Basements are often prone to flood damage, which means every homeowner should take special care to make sure their insurance covers flood damage. 


An unfinished concrete basement might be useful for storage, but it does cause the concrete to be more susceptible to damage over time. A finished basement includes drywall and insulation, which means the temperature of the basement is better regulated. As a result the concrete will never experience damage caused by extreme temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, finished basements are far less likely to experience dampness, which comes with its own host of problems including the ever-dreaded mold. 

Regular Maintenance

Consistent maintenance will help small issues from becoming major ones. While every homeowner will need to tailor their maintenance work to their specific basement, a few good rules of thumb to follow include:

  • Keeping the floor clear of clutter. 
  • Ensuring good airflow reaches the basement. This also includes regular changing of any air filters. 
  • Checking pipes for any leaks and addressing those leaks as quickly as possible. 
  • Cleaning out any downspouts at least once a year. 

Concrete basements are incredibly useful, and really don’t require much work to keep in good condition. Homeowners who prioritize caring for their basements will save themselves significant sums of money in repair costs down the line. 

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