How Do I Choose The Right Concrete Contractor?

Many people will find themselves in need of concrete work at some point in their lives. However, most people also don’t know the first thing about concrete, which can make it difficult for the average consumer to know which concrete contractors they can trust. Today we’re going to help answer a question we get quite often: How do I choose the right concrete contractor? 

As with any contract work, there are two important steps every person should take before deciding who to hire. The first step is to check for reviews left by other customers. The internet makes this easier than ever. If a lot of people have had a bad time with that contractor, you might want to move on to the next option. 


The second step is where many people get tripped up: ask lots of questions. Any concrete contractor worth their salt will be able to easily answer the following five questions. 


How Much Experience Do You Have?

This question isn’t meant to suggest that new contractors can’t offer quality services, but experience is usually a good indicator for quality of work. If someone has stayed in the concrete business for years, it’s usually because they are good at what they do. Always ask a new contractor about their experience and what types of projects they typically work on. 


What Is Your Schedule Like?

Contractors are notorious for having jobs take longer than the original estimation. A good contractor knows his schedule and is able to stick to their estimates more often than not. Of course, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur, but a good contractor keeps their client’s informed and educated on the project every step of the way. 


One red flag to look out for if you have a time sensitive project is how busy a contractor’s future schedule is. If it seems like that contractor isn’t going to have time to fit you in, it might be worth finding a contractor with more time available for your project. 


Will You Need Permits for My Project?

Permits are one of the most common reasons that a concrete project gets delayed. Any good contractor will know exactly what kind of permits your project will need and how to go about getting them. If they don’t, find a contractor who does. 


How Long Will My Project Take?

Part of keeping a contractor on schedule is knowing how long your project should take if nothing goes wrong. If you don’t have the expertise to make an accurate estimate yourself, it’s a good idea to get estimates from a few different sources. If a contractor then comes to you with an estimate that’s way off base, you’ll be able to recognize that and move on to a more trustworthy hire. 

Do You Have A Standard Written Contract?

Another red flag to keep an eye out for is a contractor that doesn’t not have a standard written contract ready to go. Do not under any circumstances allow someone to begin working on a project for you without a signed contract first. 

Deciding which contractor you want to use is an important decision, but it shouldn’t be an overwhelming one. Following the suggestions outlined in this blog post is a great place to start. 


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