How Do I Cover Concrete Walls?

Many a basement in the United States is comprised of concrete walls. While concrete walls are durable, affordable and easy to install, they’re not very nice to look at. That’s why so many homeowners are taking matters into their own hands by covering the walls themselves. So how do you cover concrete walls? 

Step One: Moisture

No matter what method you use to cover the walls, step one is always the same: check for moisture and if you find any, fix it. Moisture will lead to major problems down the road, problems that could include mold which can lead to serious health issues. By addressing the mold before a wall covering is put on you can stop this problem before it starts. 

Step Two: Seal the Concrete

Once the concrete wall is free of moisture it’s time to seal it. There are many different types of concrete sealant out there, so be sure to do your research and choose the sealant that’s right for the needs of your project. A proper sealant will protect the integrity of the concrete behind whatever wall cover you end up applying. 

Step Three: Frame Your Space

The most reliable way to cover concrete walls is to use lumber to create a wooden frame that sits directly on top of the concrete. That wood framing can then be used as a base. The easiest method is to put drywall sheets on top of that frame and then paint the drywall to fit whatever aesthetic you like. For a different look, and a bit more work, barnwood or planks can be used to cover the framing as well. 

Concrete walls make a great foundation, but they are not aesthetically pleasing. With a bit of know-how and hard work any homeowner can transform their basement or garage by covering their concrete walls with something like drywall or barnwood. To learn more visit


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