How Do I Find A Reliable Concrete Provider?


There are a lot of concrete contractors out there and, unfortunately, they are not all equally good. Some contractors are overpriced, others don’t deliver consistent quality work and others might not have the skill sets that they advertise. With such a large market, the average homeowner can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a contractor to work with. To help, we’ve decided to outline the best methods of weeding through the fluff to find the contractors that are worth working with. 


The best way to find a good contractor is to ask for references! If you know someone who has worked with a contractor before, ask them about their experience. If you don’t know anyone personally, be sure to ask each contractor you’re considering to provide professional references that you can reach out to. 



Any contractor that is worth your time will have numerous examples of their previous work. You should ask to see both photographs, and costs to get a good idea of what working with this contractor would be like. If a contractor cannot provide examples, that’s usually a red flag and a sign you should consider working with someone else. 



Be sure to ask for an estimate of your project up front. We advise homeowners to never work with a contractor who is unwilling to provide an estimate. It is important to realize that, as the name suggests, these initial numbers are just an estimate of the final cost. However, a good contractor will be able to demonstrate that their estimates are reasonably accurate. 


Make sure you fully understand the scope of the estimate you are given, and ask questions to suss out what potential pitfalls exist that could cause the final cost to go up. Some contractors will even agree to a percentage amount that the final project can not exceed. For example, many contractors will say the final costs will not exceed 30% more than the original estimate. 


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