How Do I Maintain a Concrete Basement?

While basements can be great additions to many homes adding a significant amount of extra space for storage and other activities, they can also be difficult for people to maintain and keep clean. This is especially true for basements that aren’t regularly lived-in spaces, where things can deteriorate without being noticed and addressed in a timely fashion. Flooding, mold, and cracking foundations are common pitfalls of basements everywhere, but the good news is there are a few simple things homeowners can do to keep their basements functional and clean. Here are three tips to keep your basement in good condition. 


Keep It Dry

The biggest obstacle to maintaining any basement will usually be moisture. Because basements are at least partially below ground, they can be especially prone to flooding and water damage. There are a number of ways for homeowners to combat this from keeping their gutters clean so water doesn’t pool around the foundation of the home, to installing a water leak detector. In the worst cases, a sump pump may be necessary, but it is of course best to keep flooding from happening at all where possible. 


No Carpet

Carpets will collect and hold on to moisture far more than other types of flooring, making it especially vulnerable to mold and rot in water-vulnerable basements. For homeowners who want to finish their basement and make it a more livable space, vinyl flooring is a great alternative to carpeting in basement areas, being less vulnerable to moisture buildup as well as easier to maintain than carpet. 


Clean Regularly 

If the basement is a lived-in space, this is something that homeowners will naturally do when keeping their homes tidy, but for those who use their basements primarily as storage space, it can be easy to overlook the basement when cleaning their homes. Not cleaning regularly makes the basement vulnerable to moisture build-up and mold, so it’s best to make sure the basement is getting some love too when cleaning the rest of the house.  



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