How Do I Maintain Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete allows a person to enjoy the aesthetics of an expensive building material like marble, at a fraction of the cost. Money aside, stamped concrete is often significantly easier to maintain than the expensive material that it’s mimicking. These are the three maintenance steps that are needed to keep stamped concrete in pristine condition. 

Basic Cleaning

The first step is the easiest and most obvious: clean stamped concrete regularly. Once a week the concrete should be swept clear of all debris. If the concrete is outdoors in an area where leaves fall often, it should be swept twice a week. 

Once the concrete is cleared of debris, take a mixture of water and a gentle cleaner like dish soap and mop the surface. Be sure to use a gentle cleaner, and not something that will actually harm the concrete. Once the stamped concrete has been coated, gently rinse away all of the excess soap to avoid residue build up.

The Elements

If possible, stamped concrete should be shielded from natural elements like rain, snow and ice as much as possible. A pergola over the patio, awning or even an outdoor rug can go a long way towards extending the lifetime of the concrete. 

If the concrete is going to be exposed to winter elements like ice and snow it’s important to regularly clear it. Standing snow will allow ice and water to soak into the concrete which can easily cause cracking and more severe damage. When removing snow, be sure to avoid using a metal, or metal-lined shovel, so as to not damage the concrete during the snow removal process. 

Sealing & Resealing

The sealing process is the secret to the longevity of concrete. A proper sealant will protect concrete from water, sun and other outdoor conditions. Over time, the protection provided by sealant will decline until the concrete needs to be resealed. The trick is not resealing the concrete too often, but not waiting so long that the concrete has no protection. In general, it’s a good idea to reseal your concrete every two-to-three years. 

Stamped concrete is beautiful, affordable and easy to maintain. By following the three maintenance steps discussed above stamped concrete can last for decades. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional. Visit to learn more. 


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