How the Experts Overcome Cold Weather Concrete Issues

Arkansas concrete supplier””Cold weather affects the way ready mix concrete sets. If the temperatures falls to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the speed with which the concrete sets slows down dramatically. If the mercury dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, any setting processes stop altogether. The experts at Razorback Concrete are familiar with these problems that face any Arkansas ready mix concrete contractor doing winter concrete projects. These pros have found a couple of highly effective methods when dealing with any issues affecting your cold weather building project, which help them stay on target and save you money.

  1. Add set accelerators. If the concrete delivery falls on a day predicted to see falling temperatures, workers add a set accelerator to the water. It speeds up the process of setting without affecting the quality of the finished product. The goal is to reach a concrete strength of 500 psi as quickly as possible. Once this is achieved, not even freezing temperatures can adversely affect the new concrete.
  2. Use heated water in the concrete batch plant to raise mix temperature.

When you contact Razorback Concrete to discuss your building needs, the experts will first seek to pinpoint the exact amount of concrete you need to complete the project. The company’s concrete calculator tool makes it easy to decide on the exact amount of the product needed to finish the project. This cuts down on waste and cost.

Once you and the contractor know the number of you need, it is time to schedule a delivery time. Your Razorback Concrete customer service expert will check the weather forecast when scheduling an appointment that is convenient for you. At the same time, the pro will work hard to avoid periods of inclement weather. If cold weather is indeed on the horizon, delivery will most likely take place during the time of day when the temperature is the highest.

It is interesting to note that ready mix issues due to cold weather do not actually come into play unless the morning and noon temperatures – or the noon and evening temperatures – both reach or fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is an intermission of warmer temperatures that separates the morning and evening drops, the concrete will have adequate time to set and there are no temperature problems over site batch concrete.

There is no doubt that dealing with an expert in the field of cold weather concrete application is a necessity. Whereas cold weather can greatly diminish the strength and longevity of any concrete, the proper mix and application time of the substance makes all the difference. Contact this premier Arkansas concrete supplier online today, or call Razorback Concrete’s office at 870-455-0700 to discuss your project.

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