How to Calculate Your Gravel Needs and Costs

When projects go over budget, a chain reaction of problems can occur. You can keep your next project within your budget range by accurately calculating your gravel needs and costs.

Calculate the amount of gravel delivery for your next project.””Whether you are building a garden path or a lengthy driveway in Arkansas, identifying the amount you need from a gravel delivery is one of your first considerations. Knowing how to arrive at a good estimate for your gravel cost can help keep the rest of your project within budget. Thankfully, you can act as your own gravel calculator to estimate the amount of gravel you need and how it fits within the total cost requirements for your project.

Typical Cost Expectations

The total size of the area you want to cover, including the depth, will directly determine your gravel cost. To ensure the rocks settle correctly, a depth of four to eight inches is recommended. A typical 20-by-20 foot driveway can cost up to $1,500 to cover in a layer of gravel. For driveways, or other spaces, that span a quarter of a mile in length and 12 feet in width, you can expect to pay up to $60,000 to fully cover it with gravel.

Gravel Cost Calculations

You will need to perform a few meaurements and calculations to estimate the cost of your gravel delivery:

  • Measure Your Project Space: Use a tape measure to find the length and width of your project space. Convert the inches to a decimal to make it easier to calculate your total volume needs in the next step. Measure the depth by running your tape measure from the prepared subgrade to the top edge of your driveway, pathway, or other landscaped element. Convert the depth to a decimal as well.
  • Find the Total Volume: You will need the total volume in cubic yards to accurately place your gravel order. To find this figure, you will need to perform two calculations. Start by multiplying all three measurements (length, width, and depth) together to find the total in cubic feet. Then, find cubic yards by dividing your answer by 27.
  • Determine Gravel Type: For gravel projects that require more than one type of rock, you will need to break up your gravel order using the total number of cubic yards you calculated. If you want to use large stones as a base layer and smaller finish gravel on top, for example, you should split the cubic yard figure in two to find your figure for each type of gravel.
  • Finalize Calculations: Double check your measurements and calculations to make sure your material estimate is accurate. While looking at your final numbers, you may want to round up slightly to ensure your calculations completely fulfill your project needs to avoid having to arrange another delivery. To finalize your cost calculations, multiply the gravel’s cubic yard price by the total amount of gravel you need. Remember to add in the cost of delivery to verify that your gravel expenses remain in your budget range.

Request a Professional Estimate

If you are preparing for a large project or simply do not have the time to calculate the amount needed for your gravel delivery, you can request professional assistance so you make sure you get an accurate estimate. A representative from Razorback Concrete will come look at the proposed project site and provide an estimate on the materials you will need.

If you need a gravel delivery in Arkansas, contact Razorback Concrete at 870-455-0700 to schedule a consultation appointment or receive a free estimate.

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