Ideal Commercial Applications and Uses for Pervious Concrete

Utilizing pervious concrete in commercial development projects promotes environmental sustainability while protecting surrounding areas.

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””The construction industry is at the forefront of innovation geared toward developing environmentally friendly structures and common areas. With water conservation being one of the most important global issues, strategies to reduce water waste and capture runoff are some of the preferred alternatives. These initiatives include commercial applications of pervious concrete as paving material whenever it is suitable.

About Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete made with larger aggregates that are coated with cementitious paste to hold the material together. This type of concrete application is highly porous, allowing water to pass through and flow into the groundwater reservoir. Due to its absorptive quality, pervious concrete reduces unnecessary runoff that can tax drainage systems and water retention systems while promoting groundwater recharging. It also acts as a natural filter for rain, snow, and irrigation water to limit pollutants from entering the groundwater supply. For this and other reasons, pervious concrete has been recognized as a “Best Management Practice” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The porosity of this material creates some structural challenges, and it is recommended that pervious concrete be used in areas not subject to extreme load-bearing requirements. Ideal commercial applications of pervious concrete include sidewalks, light density roadways and parking spaces, and greenhouse and landscaping projects.

Recommended Commercial Applications of Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete can be incorporated in small and large-scale projects and in combination with other paving materials for optimum performance.

Private Roadways

Streets that are subject to light traffic such as private roads and some local city roadways are candidates for pervious concrete paving, either partially or completely. Pervious roads will absorb the runoff from paved areas while filtering percolated water that becomes part of groundwater supply.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Sidewalks and walkways that are seldom exposed to heavy foot traffic make good candidates for pervious concrete applications. Pervious concrete has a naturally textured surface that may prevent slips and falls while serving as a water conduit from the surface to the groundwater reservoir.

Parking Lots

Many municipalities strictly implement parking regulation conformance. In commercial sites where space is at a premium, using pervious concrete may allow recapture of certain areas that could be used for additional parking. These areas should be clearly labeled as restricted tonnage parking spaces. Large commercial developments have added perimeter parking by incorporating pervious concrete in strategic locations in the parking area.

Greenhouses and Landscaping

Greenhouses and landscaped areas require more water than any other section of a commercial development. Using pervious concrete as the paving material in greenhouses allows for irrigation water to be immediately reabsorbed into the ground, keeping the floor relatively dry.

When landscape designs include numerous trees and other deep-rooting plants, a pervious pavement provides natural aeration and watering for the roots while protecting them from surface damage. This will help trees and other plants to thrive even in highly-developed areas.

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