Is a Concrete Wall Better Than A Faux One?

While everyone has different tastes when it comes to interior decoration, it’s undeniable that concrete has become a more popular trend in recent years. This is particularly true when it comes to walls. Many people are beginning to ask the same question: If I like the concrete aesthetic, is a concrete wall better than a faux concrete wall? 

Concrete walls provide a beautiful textured aesthetic and can be stamped or stained to satisfy almost any aesthetic preference. The same can be said for faux concrete walls. A faux concrete layer put on top of a drywall surface provides all the same aesthetic benefits of concrete. Where faux concrete is lacking, is the non-aesthetic benefits that concrete has. 

A true concrete wall is often advantageous because of its ability to bear heavy loads. Concrete walls are often critical load bearing structures that are not just able to hold up a ceiling, but several more stories of a building. Faux concrete is only able to withstand whatever weight the substance the wall is made of is rated for. If its drywall or wood, that’s significantly less than what concrete is able to hold. 

Furthermore, faux concrete can be very difficult to maintain depending on the material and texture. In sharp contrast to that, concrete is very easy to maintain and only needs to be dusted and wiped down with soapy water every few months. With proper maintenance, a concrete wall can easily last for decades without needing any major repairs. 

If someone is only interested in a concrete wall for the aesthetics, it’s certainly more affordable to go with a faux concrete option. However, if this decision is being made for construction purposes, the value that concrete provides beyond aesthetics should be enough to justify the additional costs. Costs, it is worth nothing, that are not very high when compared to more expensive building materials like wood and stone. 

Of course, it is important to point out that pouring a concrete wall is much more complicated than pouring a concrete floor. For those who are considering installing concrete walls, it’s worth consulting a professional concrete contractor to make sure the work is done correctly. To learn more visit


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