Is Concrete Better Than Asphalt for a Driveway?

Many new homeowners find themselves facing the same choice: concrete or asphalt driveways? While both materials have their advantages, there are three factors that make concrete the best choice for the average home driveway. 


If a concrete driveway is properly installed, sealed and regularly maintained there is no reason it can’t last for thirty years or more. Asphalt driveways tend to break down as quickly as 20 years after they were poured. Any homeowner who wants to plan for the future should always use concrete for their driveway. 


Asphalt can tear or break under repeated heavy stress. The proper concrete mixture is designed to withstand heavy traffic, like the kind that vehicles do to driveways. Concrete can withstand loaded trailers for driveways that may see commercial use. If a homeowner expects their driveway to see regular vehicle use, concrete is a good material choice. 


Asphalt has one aesthetic, while it can be painted everyone still knows its asphalt. Concrete can be made to resemble almost anything through stamps and stains. A concrete driveway installed by a professional can be made to resemble anything from stone to wood. The final result is a driveway that’s much more aesthetically pleasing than simple asphalt. 

The material used in a driveway may seem like a simple detail, but it’s important that it does not get overlooked. Concrete is affordable, durable and easily maintained. For the average homeowner, concrete is the perfect choice for a home driveway. 



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